segments + security

in case you missed the announcement on monday, i released a small sneak peek of tiny blue orange segments. when there are a few lessons available, the full site will be launched + will feature bite-sized lessons that will allow you to focus on what you want/need to know to grow your business + skills.

as launch day gets closer, i’ll be sharing juicy slices from the various lessons for you to enjoy. today’s segment sneak peek is about WordPress Security.


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“site security is not just about you, it’s also about keeping your visitors out of harm’s way.” via @tinyblueorange

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share the above graphic or quote below with your readers, friends + fans. we must work together to keep hackers from gaining access to our servers + sites.

WordPress Security – it’s not about you. please don’t take it personally. but, honestly, when you don’t worry about securing your website, you are putting all of your site subscribers, readers,visitors + clients in harm’s way. {}

learn more about tiny blue orange segments.