for your weekend… {jan 3rd}

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looking for something to read this weekend with a cup of coffee or tea? below are 3 articles that i really dug recently –

you deserve dream projects that pay

braid creative has yet another awesome article about how entrepreneurs can improve their client interactions + end up with great projects + even better clients. i especially loved the point about talking money right away. it’s not easy, but it is vital for all of us to love talking about money.

39 Things Women in Their 30s Need for 2014

while i’m not in my 30s yet, this list of things women need for 2014 benefited me quite a bit. paired with hilarious animated gifs, you’re sure to laugh, nod your head + possibly cry a little. it’s ok, i’m right there with you.

Why I Kicked Email Marketing to the Curb

kudos to amanda at violetminded media for having the guts to do what was best for her business + clients – scrap email marketing all together. it’s worth thinking about what you are doing on auto-pilot vs what you feel driven to do because of passion.

did you read something recently that you think others would love? leave a link in the comments below.

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