the 4 most popular posts of 2017

the 4 most popular posts of 2017 // tiny blue orange

Are you ready to smash some 2018 goals? You can search the blog archives for 400 posts all about WordPress, but I get how overwhelming that might feel.

Which is why I gathered up a list of the 4 most read posts of 2017 as a starting point for you. Dive into these + sign up to get the newest posts in your inbox at the bottom of the article.


the 5 plugins your site doesn’t need // tiny blue orangeThe 5 Plugins Your Site Does Not Need
This post is a great place to begin so you can start your year off with a faster + more secure WordPress site. Clear out the clutter + gift yourself by having at least one less plugin to update.


hide your uploads from google searches // tiny blue orangeHide Your Uploads From Google Searches
Do you give out worksheets or downloads to your email subscribers? Or maybe you have documents that are for active clients only. This post walks you through protecting that content from showing up in a google search for anyone to grab.


adding Facebook pixel code to your WordPress site // tiny blue orangeAdding Facebook Pixel Code to Your Site
If Facebook ads are anywhere on your radar for the new year, this post needs to find it’s way into your resources. While Facebook provides instructions for adding the code, this post gives you 3 specific options for WordPress.


how to quickly embed Calendly on any WordPress page // tiny blue orangeHow to Quickly Embed Calendly on Any WordPress Page
The most popular post of the year was published 1 year ago to the date. And thanks to a tweet from Calendly, numerous Calendly users came to tiny blue orange to learn how to add their calendar right to their own website.

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