Abundance Over Scarcity

Have you heard of an abundance mindset? It’s this idea where you believe there is more than enough time + resources in the world for you. This can apply to life, to your job, to your family or to foster puppies…+ the hope is this mindset could permeate all of those areas.

I have a few examples of living my life with an abundance mindset. I’ll start with the cutest example: foster pups. I originally volunteered to take on a cute little doggo who needed a new foster home for a few weeks, but that quickly snowballed into the trio that is currently in residence: Surge, Fresca + Tab. While I may agree with you when you call me (well us if you include Jared, Crosby + Mack) crazy, but the best advice I got from a seasoned foster parent re: extra puppies is “it’s just more laundry.” If I apply that, as well as the mindset that there are more than enough resources + time to take care of these three, well, it all seems a bit more manageable. Plus, look at these sleepy little faces, how could I say no?!

My other example is more work related + that is around building a team to create your website. A designer can’t do it all, I, as the coder/builder can’t do it all + you as the business owner can’t do it all. We each have to trust the other to be a part of the team, + trust that an abundance of resources, + eventually clients if that’s what your business is all about, will come to you. Not to get woo-woo on you, but a little manifestation never hurt anyone, right?

The flip side, which I think many entrepreneurs could benefit from, is that there’s also enough for us all to succeed. I have a list of partners that I refer folks to when the project isn’t a right fit, whether due to timing, budget, skills, or something else. I truly believe that whenever I send a potential project to someone else, I’m keeping time + resources open for the next project coming my way because it will be a better fit for everyone involved.

So I challenge you to take on a project, if that feels right in your life. And do so with an abundance mindset. Know that you will have the community, resources + time to see that challenge through to the end.

As for me? I have an abundance of puppies + cuddles, and I’m pretttttty ok with that.

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