Anti-hustle Culture

If you’ve been following my social media for any amount of time, or if you just know me, you know how anti-hustle culture I am. However, owning my own business + working from home makes it tricky sometimes to stop working + relax, go for a run, spend time with the pups or my husband or simply watch some sportsketball.

Is this a struggle for you too? Whether you own a business or not, we all have a lot (likely too much) on our plates. So, in honor of summer + ensuring there’s plenty of time to enjoy all this season has to offer, here are my best anti-hustle tips:


Yep, I said it. Boundaries are so important (+ so hard). While I’m there for my clients if something major goes wrong on the weekends, I turn off my email + don’t respond to small requests Friday afternoon through Sunday. My weekends are precious + I’m not here for a culture that demands we be accessible constantly.


I mean this in a broad sense + while the self-care industry has grown + companies are trying to make money off our burnout, I think self-care looks different for everyone. For some, it’s getting their nails done or taking a bubble bath. For others it’s a run or walk outside. For me, it’s many different things but I’ve been partial to hanging out in the hammock in my backyard while the pups play.


Another theme on my socials is not going it alone. Find your community, build your community + then allow them to show up for you. Being in the hospital for a family member’s surgery reminded me heavily of my dad’s death + even though I wasn’t necessarily feeling up for it, I went to the gym. And my gym family showed up. I got hugs, encouragement + a place to be fully human around people who genuinely care about me.

You might have gotten this far + wondered what this blog is doing on a website about building WordPress websites. Here’s the lesson: I can’t be a good business owner or human without boundaries, self care + community. My clients deserve me showing up with all my energy, creativity, time management + heart. Those things don’t just happen, they take cultivation + stepping away from the hustle to actually rest + recharge so I can bring my best self to my work.

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