WordPress trackbacks + pingbacks

As a WordPress developer for small businesses, I sometimes forget what this free tool was built for originally… blogging. Which means there are often functions + features that don’t get as much attention if they aren’t being used. In fact, some of these features — WordPress trackbacks and pingbacks — may be disappearing from the […]

Adding anchor links in WordPress

Anchor links in WordPress have another name — one that I think helps define them more clearly — page jumps. These HTML anchors require the tiniest bit of code but give you the ability to send readers + site visitors directly to the spot you want them to see. Let’s dive in. What are anchor […]

How to create a redirect

If you make changes to your WordPress site content, you’ll likely need to create a redirect. Redirects help you avoid broken links, aka traffic landing on a dead end on your site. The good news is that they are really simple to set up + you can do so right in your site dashboard. Install […]

SEO-Friendly WordPress Permalinks

Whether your site is brand new or pre-2000s, it’s important that you double check your WordPress permalinks settings. And that you know what the heck they even are. What the heck are WordPress permalinks? In geek speak, WordPress permalinks are links to a specific website page or blog post. You might say that a permalink […]

Know your numbers: % exit rate

This post is all about reviewing your % exit rate on your Google Analytics dashboard. If you don’t have GA installed already, get your free account set up + running. Then after 24 hours, you’ll have some data to look at to learn what website pages are enticing folks to leave. WTF is Exit Rate […]

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