Using Airtable as an editorial calendar

A few weeks ago I introduced my favorite tool to manage client data. After I got comfortable with that, I started using Airtable as my editorial calendar for blog posts, followed by newsletters + social media posts. Today, I’m sharing a version of how I organize blog post info that you can grab + use […]

WordPress, it’s not just for bloggers

On one of the first iterations of their website, WordPress labeled itself as a “personal publishing platform.” I love a good use of alliteration, but it seems like that’s simply a fancy way of saying “it’s for bloggers,” right? Which is probably why so many people think that non-bloggers shouldn’t use WordPress.  It’s been around […]

The only requirements to using WordPress

There’s loads of information available about what’s required to run WordPress. But how do you know which info is right for you? Start with the basics. It’s too easy to get caught up in shiny object syndrome + decision overwhelm. I know, I’ve been there. Which is why I wrote this guide of the only […]

How I use Airtable to manage clients

I started using Airtable to manage my clients + moved on to also managing projects, social media + blog content once I realized how valuable this free tool was. If you haven’t heard of Airtable yet, let me be the one to razzle dazzle you! I like to describe it as a more visually appealing […]

WordPress 5.2

The latest version of WordPress is being released this week + features some pretty cool new features. In fact, you might be able to ditch some of your plugins after getting your site updated to 5.2. Don’t worry, none of these changes are as drastic as Gutenberg. Block Editor Upgrades Speaking of, the change to […]

Plugins that will speed up your website

Having a fast WordPress website is really important. Not only do users have terribly short attention spans, but when dealing with weak WiFi signals or limited cell data, users want to get the content they are hoping for, quickly. There are a lot of things you can do to speed up your website but let’s […]

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