WordPress 5.2

The latest version of WordPress is being released this week + features some pretty cool new features. In fact, you might be able to ditch some of your plugins after getting your site updated to 5.2. Don’t worry, none of these changes are as drastic as Gutenberg. Block Editor Upgrades Speaking of, the change to […]

Plugins that will speed up your website

Having a fast WordPress website is really important. Not only do users have terribly short attention spans, but when dealing with weak WiFi signals or limited cell data, users want to get the content they are hoping for, quickly. There are a lot of things you can do to speed up your website but let’s […]

Possible blog call to actions for your readers

So many business owners don’t consider the steps that users will take as they visit a website, which means they leave possible money on the digital table. Or, sometimes worse, they give users all the options + leave them overwhelmed. Which often leads to analysis paralysis. Aka, not taking any action at all. The trick […]

Tracking site visits vs pageviews

When reviewing your site analytics, it’s tough to always know what number(s) to focus on. And I can’t really tell you the right answer without knowing much about your business. But I can break down 2 of the more confusing metrics — site visits + pageviews — so that you know what you’re looking at […]

WTF is caching?

If you’re digging through the difference between managed hosting + shared hosting + find yourself scratching your head about what caching even is, let’s tackle that nerdy term right now. The verb cache means store for future use, which is the perfect way to think about caching your site. When you use caching for WordPress, […]

What is managed WordPress hosting vs shared hosting?

While there are dozens + dozens of hosting companies in the world, there are a limited number of hosting types. When focusing on WordPress websites, I like to compare the two most popular — shared + managed WordPress hosting. If you’re not into nerdy things, hosting can feel like discussing insurance options (boring) but it’s […]

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