Client love guide – gratitude

Showing gratitude

One of the easiest + most impactful ways that you can make your clients + contacts feel loved is by showing your gratitude. It only takes a few minutes to put together a hand-written note + mail it via snail mail. And the amount of joy it will bring to the recipient is exponentially greater than the time you invest in sending a card.

Since hand-written cards are a big part of my weekly task list, I wanted to make something special for my clients + vendors that would add just a little bit more love to an already wonderful gesture. It didn’t take me long to decide that getting brutus to “sign” the cards by painting his paw {with non-toxic paint} + stamping them. He doesn’t mind the process since he gets lots of treats during it + I know that most folks don’t expect a 4″ paw print on a thank you note they get in the mail.

In order to set myself up for being able to easily write out thank yous, I purchased an assortment of great notecards, made a few of my own, bought a pack of stamps from the post office + some new ink for my return address stamper. That way I can spend a little bit of time expressing my gratitude each week + almost no time at all adding the address info and stamp.

You can send thank you notes for a number of reasons when working with a client, but below are just a few ideas to get you started –

  • After your initial call/consultation
    {“thank you for reaching out or considering working with me”}
  • Unexpectedly during a project if you haven’t officially thanked them yet
    {“I’m so grateful to be working with you”}
  • With an order they placed for a physical product
    {“Thanks for your order, we hope you love…”}
  • When a project is complete/launches/etc
    {“It was such a pleasure to help you + your biz”}
  • If they referred you to someone that reached out
    {“Thank you so much for your kind words + praise”}

Expressing appreciation isn’t just for business. I made sure to purchase some non-branded cards so that I can thank my friends + family throughout the year too.

What ways can you show gratitude or give thanks to your clients, followers + fans? Leave a comment below with something that you already do to show your appreciation or something you’ll start to do right away. I can’t wait to read what you come up with!

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