Client love guide – promoting your clients

Before we even look at the various ways you can promote your clients, I want you to take some time to sort through your values, rules, boundaries, ideas, goals, etc when it comes to sharing + promoting others. This small investment of time will be more than worth it each time you are approached to share.

You make the rules

Some things to consider:

  • What types of services/products/events would your fans benefit from?
  • Are there specific networks you don’t want to promote others on?
  • How regularly do you want to be sharing content that needs to be purchased?
  • Is there overlap with your client’s ideal customer + yours?
    {This one is pretty client specific, so it will need to be asked each time.}

The point is, what will work for you, your business + your fans/followers/friends? If you know that you don’t like sharing events with big price tags while trying to promote your latest mastermind group, you don’t have to. Again, you make the rules!

Once you have those rules figured out, it is easy to refer back to them for each request that you might get or every urge you might have to promote.

Let’s say a client/friend asks you to tweet about her upcoming eBook release party. But you know that your audience isn’t going to dig the content. You can simply reply to her email with something like “I can’t wait to attend the digital shindig, but my twitter audience isn’t the right fit for this event. However, I know a handful of my entrepreneur friends would just love the subject matter. I’ll shoot them each a personal email this week.” Of course, only say that if that is what you are going to do.

The other thing to note is you can say “no” without needing to explain it or do something instead. Since this blog post is about promoting your clients, I want to share ways that you can comfortably do that.

Ways to promote within your rules

Now that you have your rules. And you feel comfortable being able to stick to them. Let’s talk about the ways you can promote your clients even when they don’t ask you to {which is the best time to make them feel loved.}

Social media posts

One of the most obvious ways to promote your clients is by sharing on social media. But did you know the 2 different ways to do this?

The first is the easiest + the one that most people are good at: re-sharing their posts. Whether it’s retweeting, regramming, pinning or sharing on facebook, it’s not that tough to take 20 seconds + share something they have already posted – as long as you dig the content.

The second option takes a bit more work: generating your own content directing your fans to your client. Whether it’s a simple #FF tweet or a full paragraph + image facebook post about how wonderful they are, this option tends to make the clients feel more special because they know you took the time + thought of them on your own. You can use this technique to promote their latest product, share the details about a service you think the world needs to know about or highlight something that you really admire about your client.

That last option is a great way to provide a tip to your fans while boosting your client’s spirit. A perfect example would be my post on Instagram this week featuring something Victoria Prozan said to me. I think it’s amazing advice that others need to hear. It also lets my followers know Victoria is someone with great insight + sayings. If they are looking for more tidbits like that, they might hop on her mailing list or read her blog regularly.


If you need more words than a social post will allow, why not interview your client + make it into a blog post, podcast or video post? It’s something I do a couple times a month with the counterpart to this post series – client love. It gives me a chance to showcase what my clients are up to even after our projects have wrapped up.

From a business perspective, it lets my clients know that I think about them even when we aren’t actively working together. I get to provide a different voice + content to my readers. But it also gives my clients a new platform to share their services or offerings with a new audience.

Portfolio + testimonials

Adding a link to your client’s site in your portfolio or testimonial they provided is a super easy way to drive some traffic to their site. Now, you need to decide if you want your visitors leaving your site in the process, but the pros might outweigh the cons. Obviously you can have the link open in a new tab, but it still drives the attention from your site to someone else’s, so just be aware of that.

Take my services, for example. As someone who builds websites, it’s vital that my potential clients to see my projects in action. Which is why I want there to be a link to the actual site.

Personal introductions

The most subtle way to promote {in that you aren’t hitting a large number of folks at once} but likely has the biggest impact is to personally introduce folks to your client that would benefit from knowing each other.

Now I wouldn’t suggest just emailing them both in the same message + saying “here you go!” Depending on how your client likes to take on new clients, there are a few ways to do it. Likely the best option is to email the person you think would benefit. Provide them with your client’s contact page, along with the reasons you think they need to connect. A second email to your client letting them know you made a referral lets them know you are thinking of them + promoting them. But also gives them the chance to keep their eye out for your referral’s email.

As long as you stay true to your business objectives, it is easy to promote your clients in a number of ways. Plus, you might get some more fans out of the deal, which is never a bad thing.

Have a specific question about making your clients feel loved? Send me a note + I’ll reply +/or turn it into a blog post in this series
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