ditch the struggle between launching a pixel perfect project + spending hours searching for coding tutorials.

you have a way to turn your designs into secure + fast websites for your clients…

complimentary code — custom + responsive WordPress development for designers.

how many times have you banged your head on your desk trying to get a developer to understand why they need to stick with your client’s color palette? or maybe you decided to give coding it yourself a try + are banging your head on your desk for thinking that was a good idea.

either way, stop banging your head + start focusing on what you love — design.


we’re not sure who decided that everyone needs to be amazing at everything, but we think it’s bullshit. by trying to be a rockstar at everything, you end up being mediocre (at best) at most of the things.

which is exactly why we stopped offering design services so that we can focus on development only. even though we have experience (+ degrees) in graphic design, we know that our team is top-notch at WordPress development. by focusing our efforts there, we can be the best.

and we want that for you too.



when you spend your time scouring the internet for how-tos + tutorials to help you code a site, you are leaving your design practice on the wayside. imagine those hours being dedicated to what lights you up vs what bugs the crap out of you… pretty awesome right?

or maybe that spare time will allow you to spend less time working in general. not just less time working on the stuff you hate doing.

you’re a great designer. that’s why your clients have picked you.

by hiring out the development portion of a project (you are ensuring that they will continue to work with you) which means you’ll be able to focus on the design phases + the WordPress site they get at the end will be beautifully coded.

no more hodgepodge of tutorial snippets holding a site together. no more making compromises on your design because you simply couldn’t figure out how to make the code do what you needed it to do. no more hoping the client doesn’t ask you for another feature that you don’t know how to add.

it’s not your job to know PHP, HTML, CSS or jQuery. or even worry about how it works.

it’s your job to help your clients connect + communicate with their audience. let us handle the nerdy details based on the solution you design.

because we have experience in design, we’ll understand why your font proportions are the way they are. and if you don’t love how things translate to the web from a PSD, we won’t be bothered by you asking me to adjust it. because we get it!

our role as the development team is to be your sounding board, take the files from whatever software you prefer working in + then build the best possible site for your client. making sure the design looks the same across all browsers + is easy to update from the WordPress dashboard.



how complimentary code works

in a perfect world, we’ll connect before your project starts. that way you can reach out during the brainstorming process if you have a question or want clarification. you’re the designer, we’re your nerds on-call.

once your client has approved the final designs, you’ll send us the necessary pieces. (fear not, lovely. you’ll get a checklist of all required items before we get to this point.)

then it’s time to code your design into a custom responsive WordPress theme. we may reach out for additional files or approval of the progress, but for the most part, you’re off the hook here.

the “almost done” step in the process is testing. we take pride in the testing system we’ve built through our 12+ years of working with WordPress to ensure that things are beautiful and functional in all browsers (including Internet Explorer) + on mobile devices.

after the project is approved for all browsers, including mobile, it’s ready to launch, which we take care of so your client doesn’t have to. then we all celebrate!

once the confetti settles, your client gets a Google Doc of their site specific instructions that they can add to + edit as they get more familiar with their custom site. they also get 30 days of support from me to make sure things are perfect. and if they want to host with us, they have 24×7 support for their site.

ready to design freely + send off final design files for pixel perfect development?



curious about that project checklist?

download a free copy of our project checklist. this single page PDF is a great place to start for all of your WordPress projects whether we’re your developer or not. you can print a new copy at the start of each project or save a copy to your project folder + check the boxes on your computer.


finding a talented developer that is also organized, a clear communicator, and friendly is like finding a needle in a haystack.

finding Alison was like finding a whole stack of needles!

i would highly recommend and will definitely hire tiny blue orange again.

– Sylvie McCracken

development faqs

how long will this take?
our process takes 3-4 weeks from the day that we receive a complete package of design files, content + login details. we’re happy to work with you throughout your design process leading up to development, but don’t start our work until the client has approved yours.

what framework do you work with?
frameworks like Headway, Thesis + Genesis cause more problems because we end up coding around the way they are built. instead of wasting everyone’s time with that, we’ll build your design from scratch so it is 100% custom + pixel perfect.

how does payment work?
we’re flexible when it comes to this discussion. either you can be in charge of payment or we can work directly with the client. our only requirements are a 50% deposit to reserve space on the project calendar + the balance due in order for the site to launch.

what does complimentary code cost?
the starting price for a complimentary code project is $3,000. after our project chat, we’ll send over an estimate that covers your client’s exact needs + features.

what does the $3,000 cost include?

  • a custom WordPress theme built from scratch
  • the zippily-responsive theme will be tested in current versions of all browsers
  • opt-ins integrated with MailChimp, ConvertKit, InfusionSoft, etc
  • a secure WordPress installation on their server
  • content added for up to 12 pages
  • existing WordPress or Blogger posts migrated to the new site
  • instructions for your client on the über custom features of their site

whether you’re looking for help on a specific project or want to talk about developing a partnership better than oj + champagne so you never have to edit another style.css file again, we want to chat with you!

ready to design freely + send off final design files for pixel perfect development?