Our response to the pandemic

Did that post title make your eyes roll slightly? Our weekly meetings feature some form of discussion about the slew of “here’s what we’re doing” emails that every. single. company seems to be sending.

We even sent one of those emails. And ours didn’t feature an answer — more of a reminder to clean your technology + the recommended way to do it.

The last thing we want is to contribute to the noise.

Most of our clients + subscribers already worked from home before this started. That didn’t make the shift any less stressful. We witnessed a lot of new hurdles, struggles + had a few ourselves.

We stopped sending newsletters, creating blog posts + practiced giving ourselves grace in this really weird space. Clients + projects were removed from our roster to make room for the ones that needed an immediate pivot. And, to be honest, it was a way to give ourselves space because we simply could not operate at the usual pace.

Instead of forcing work, forcing solutions + forcing expectations, we did our best to let it unfold. It’s not easy, but neither is living in a world going through a pandemic. So why not try to reduce some stress?

The answers still haven’t arrived fully — and that’s ok. But one solution appeared in the midst of these problems. Which is the reason for this post.

We can help our humans reduce stress too.

Our newsletter was always rooted in the idea of helping. Tips + tricks for anyone using WordPress to grow their business, save time, up security, improve their website overall, etc. We’re still very into that idea.

For now (the foreseeable future), we’re going to stick with helping our nerd alert subscribers. Our goal is to help prevent any more fires. The idea of losing an entire website to a shitty situation feels even more tragic when the world is turning to the internet. The idea of getting hacked when so many are facing financial hurdles feels downright cruel.

If you’re not already a nerd alert subscriber, join us. Our first series will be centered around security reminders that any blogger or business owner can tackle easily.

You are always welcome to head to our free resources page to dive into what you need the most help with. We have over 200 blog posts that cover a lot of what you’ll want to know if you’re in charge of a WordPress website.

And if that’s not enough, we have 2 courses that you can dive into immediately:

  • Heckin Passwords: a free password manager course to up your online security game by an immeasurable amount
  • learn to love WordPress: more of a resource than a course that will help you knock your WordPress skills out of the park.

Finally, if nothing else, be kind. To yourself + to those around you.
We’re here if + when you need help.

— Alison, Heather + Pixel

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