Nerd alert: daily WordPress tips on Instagram

Have you seen those #100dayproject challenges on Instagram where you participate by doing a similar task/project every day for 100 days straight? I’ve always wanted to join in on one, but never had an idea or wasn’t digging the timing. When the latest round rolled up (starting April 19th), I decided the timing wouldn’t be perfect ever + it was time to give it a try.
I thought about picking up a new hobby for the challenge, but kept feeling this pull to focus on something that I already love in an effort to add more joy into each day. (What if I picked a hobby that made me miserable?!)
Like most of my ideas, inspiration struck during a long dog walk without technology + I settled on sharing a new WordPress tip every single day for 100 days straight on Instagram. If you want to follow along, you can follow tiny blue orange on Instagram or bookmark the hashtag #100daysofWP to satisfy your WordPress nerdy side.

How it works

Could I automate the shit out of this project? Absolutely! But instead, I’m not. I’m honoring the challenge by picking new topic every single day + posting a photo or video with a super helpful caption so that I can share the WordPress knowledge I’ve built up over the last decade.
The tips won’t be for customized sites or themes — they will be helpful for anyone running WordPress because I’m focusing on sharing tidbits for core WordPress functionality.
I’ll be keeping painfully detailed notes (type A) so that I don’t repeat a tip halfway through the challenge. Cause let’s be honest, I am only human afterall.

Will I be able to fill 100 days with new info? I’m confident I can, but make sure to follow along to see how it goes!

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