Gift ideas for your favorite online business owner

1. Desk accessories in their brand colors

No matter where your fave online business owner works or what they do, I’d bet cash money they’d love a branded desk accessory or five. My first choice for snagging these gifts is Poppin because they have a shop by color option that makes this gift a painless one to give. Plus, their customer service is impeccable + one we should all be inspired by. (Yup, gift giving AND business research in one task. Take that, limited time in the day!)

2. A great book

Did you pick up a book this year that changed your life? Or maybe you have a favorite one from years ago that you make time to re-read occasionally? Why not snag a handful of copies + send them as gifts? You could include a custom bookmark for each recipient to make the gift feel that much more special.

3. Pens or pencils

Let’s be clear — 99.9% of creative entrepreneurs are obsessed with pens + pencils. My personal faves are Sharpie pens + Staedtlers.

4. A massage gift card

This gift usually requires a bit more sleuthing because you’ll need to figure out their options for getting a lovely massage. But for those on your list who suffer from an extreme lack of self-care, this gift is better than gold.

5. Scented candles for their office

Having fresh cut flowers to enjoy all winter is great, but gets pretty costly. In my opinion, the next best thing is to light a scented candle to enjoy. I’m still waiting for Danielle LaPorte’s candle collection to be released, but you can find amazing options all over the internet — or even the shelves at Target, which is exactly how you end up spending over $100 when you walked in for dishwasher soap + a diet coke.

6. USB hub

I made it pretty far without getting super nerdy, right? But here we are + I’m going to share my most favorite tech accessory of the year — this USB hub that attaches to my iMac (or an external monitor) to give you direct access to more USB ports. For my fellow iMac users, the days of trying to rotate your computer to plug in a cable without knocking over your mason jar of water + scented candle are over!

7. Starbucks gift card

Before you yell at me for not supporting local businesses, hear me out. Most online entrepreneurs find themselves on the go + needing to work in new cities. That’s where the handy Starbucks card comes in — they can park it where there’s free wifi + enjoy a free hot beverage (and pastry) because of you. If you’d prefer giving them a gift card to their local spot, do it up!

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