Learn how to use Gutenberg Blocks in WordPress

Want to know the secret to ditching theme layout limitations + the pile of plugins you have installed on your site? Simple. All you need to do is learn how to use Gutenberg.

At tiny blue orange, we host + update dozens of websites. We’ve seen countless bloggers + business owners add yet another theme builder plugin in an effort to make simple changes to their site. From Beaver Builder to Elementor, they sound great in theory. Until you’re adding yet another “add-on” to get things to look just right.

Enter your email address below + within the hour, you’ll have Gutenberg basics covered. Over the next week, your inbox will get a handful of emails to learn more advanced ways to use Gutenberg Blocks to build the site of your dreams. We’ll cover topics like:

  • adding essential content like text, images + headings
  • styling the content you’ve added with bold, links, new colors + more
  • adding advanced blocks to implement full-width layouts or columns
  • saving blocks you reuse to save time
  • more ways to make the most out of Gutenberg

It’s all served up in manageable chunks. If you’re using the Classic Editor or another plugin to make edits to your page, this free ecourse will save you so much time + frustration. Spend 10-20 minutes playing with the content of each email in a test page before making edits to your primary content. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish.

You’ll also get weekly WordPress wit emails on Monday afternoons to keep your WordPress site working (+ working for you)!

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Is it time to do more with your WordPress site?

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We’ve been building + styling WordPress websites for a decade. When site owners are beyond fed up, they come to us. While we’d love to help you too, if you learn how to use Gutenberg, you won’t need to call us when you’re ready to move to Squarespace. *gasp*

Sign up for the completely free Gutenberg ecourse + learn how to make the most of this built in page builder. Aka, learn how to make your site pages look like you want them to… with ease.

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