Quickly get photos on your iPhone from your computer

Have you been known to email yourself a photo just so that you can save it to your iPhone? I’m embarrassed to even look at my email trash bin at the number of emails with “Pic” as the subject line.

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that I’ve been trying to post more sneak peeks or progress pics during my workday. But taking a photo of my computer screen with the iPhone left me with distorted + trippy images featuring those wicked screen waves + glares which is no good for what I was trying to do.

Which is exactly why I wanted to find an easier + much less clumsy way to get photos from my computer onto my iPhone. Enter my knight in shining automated armor – IFTTT. The free service that connects various accounts I use daily. With one simple recipe, I was saving images on my computer + seeing them on my phone a short while later.

Automate sending images + pictures to your iphone

Check out the video below to see exactly how I set up my automated system.

Note: you can also set up your Mac to automatically save screenshots to dropbox which would further automate this process. Since I regularly send screenshots to clients, that would sync a lot of unnecessary photos for me, which is why I don’t use that feature.


  • My ifttt recipe – you can use the recipe that I made, or set yours up from scratch
  • Dropbox – to be honest, I’m weighing the pros + cons of the many file sharing options, but Dropbox is a contender
  • Do you already use IFTTT? tell me how in the comments below!
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