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Amie Heeter Yoga

Getting started was the hardest part

Like most of our clients, the hardest part of the journey for Amie was kicking off the project. With any new website, there’s a list of content needed — homepage, bio, describing your services, etc. And that bit of homework was holding Amie back.

By breaking the project into steps + asking for the essentials, her to do list felt doable.

We built out the pages as they were ready + launched with what was essential to get her message into the world. You don’t have to launch a WordPress site with every page you can think of having. In fact, it can be better to stick with 5 pages or less.

That’s because websites are never “done.” There’s always copy that you can edit, add, or replace. Your service offerings are evolving as you do.

Taking away the expectation that your site needs to be perfectly done can help that first step feel much less treacherous. And when you know your site can grow safely without being hacked…that leaves the door wide open for possibilities.

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