Custom WordPress Development:
Beth Skogen Photography

The heart of what you do is the heart of what your site can do

Beth Skogen is a photographer. She doesn’t narrow that down to specific events or subjects. Which meant that her site needed to provide the space for a varied portfolio.

We used a very clean / minimal layout to let the images steal the show. Because those images are the heart of her business + therefore the heart of her website.

By hosting with us as well, Beth knows that her site will load high-quality images lightning fast. Keeping users on her site + delivering content to clients quickly.

Her responsive site was carefully created, but it’s the pieces you don’t see that affect her bottom line. From the security we implemented to ensure users don’t steal her images. To the managed WordPress server that delivers all of her content as quickly as possible. To the click + drag galleries that Beth can edit whenever + wherever she wants.

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