Custom WordPress Development:
Hillary Weiss

In the loop, but off the hook

When switching up your domain, there are a few important details to consider. We spelled those out for Hillary so that she could decide which route was best for her business. The pros + cons list that we shared let her weigh the options carefully.

Because social media links are vital to the work that she does, Hillary decided to keep her domain name the same, but route her new domains to the new site. We took care of that setup + let Hillary focus on creating more amazing content for the internet.

We give all the damns about making the nerdy stuff easy to understand, while keeping you away from the shit that stresses you out — like cPanel, tech support live chats, DNS zone editors, name servers + redirects.

Whether you’re looking for Hillary or Statement Piece Studio, you’ll end up in the right place because of the work that we did behind the scenes. That’s thanks to the fact that we not only care about beautifully coded responsive WordPress sites, we care a lot about fully-functional sites too.

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