Custom WordPress Development:
Short Stack Eatery

Form always follows function

We started this custom WordPress website project by breaking down the job the website needed to fulfill. It boiled down to clearly communicating hours, showing off the process once users got to Short Stack + making it easy for anyone to apply for a position at the restaurant.

Once we had the web wishlist, we built a site that was easy to navigate on smartphones + laptops alike. To solve the specific needs of this client, we made it so the site features a call-out that says whether the restaurant is open or not, highlights the process on the homepage + has an application form in both English + Spanish.

By starting with the needs list instead of the aesthetics, we ensured the site did what it needs to do. Beautiful design can be applied to any website function. Adding function to beautiful design can be a lot trickier.

They didn’t have to leave all of their work in Squarespace behind either. We migrated over all of their blog post content into their new WordPress website. They published a new blog post the day after the site launched — that’s how quickly they took to the new platform!

They have us in their back pocket if they need help, but our goal is to empower our clients to take their new sites + grow their business even more. Your website shouldn’t be holding your business back.

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How the owners of Short Stack feel having us on their side...

You have no idea how amazing this is — we are ecstatic. Ear to Ear JOY!!

It’s the small things. Thank you SO much!

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