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Starla Fortunato

Fast websites don’t have to be boring

We often see clients struggle to provide high-quality images, but that wasn’t the case with Starla. She had the original image files at her fingertips — which meant that we had really large images to set up on her website.

Since we care about site speed (+ efficiency), our priority with Starla was keeping the image quality as high as we could before it started impacting the speed of her site.

We also focused on streamlining the rest of the code so that the site would load lightning fast. Even on the pages with dozens of portfolio images.

Quality shouldn’t be sacrificed, especially when you’re trying to show off the work that you do + the quality product you deliver.

Starla’s website is all about her stunning work. Since we know how to make sites fast — like really fast — we were able to give her a quality WordPress website with high image resolution without sacrificing site speed. Users can quickly navigate her impressive portfolio + get in touch with Starla right away.

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Here’s what the project designer has to say about working with us...

Alison has always been “Johnny on the Spot” in terms of response time. In terms of detail she has an EAGLE eye which, as a perfectionist designer is very much appreciated. And rare to find.

Alison possesses exceptional technical WordPress knowledge, impeccable followthrough, is very prompt and courteous. I have found that she goes above + beyond to be sure to explain things in a way that are understandable even for the non-tech savvy.

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