Posting content to Facebook automatically

Having content automatically shared on your Facebook page or wall is great for saving yourself time + continuing to promote your business as well as the great content you create.
However, if you promised first dibs on content to your mailing list, or review your posts one more time after you hit publish, you’ll want to skip the automatic posting so you can control when that info is shared.

Sharing with a plugin

Is there a WordPress plugin that allows you to share content automatically to Facebook on your behalf? You betcha. But you’ll need to set it up beforehand.
Some of these types of plugins require you to create a Facebook app in order for them to work. But don’t stress, they typically provide step-by-step instructions for doing so.
One of my favorite plugins for clients to accomplish automatic publishing from WordPress to Facebook is Facebook Auto Publish.
Heading to Plugins > Add New within your site will allow you to search for that specific plugin directly or find one of your own to try.

Sharing with IFTTT

If creating a FB App scares you, I’d suggest using the free service IFTTT (if this then that) to connect the two sites.
After creating your account, you’ll connect the site to your specific WordPress site + your Facebook profile or page before creating your own recipe.
Or you can use this recipe to make it easier. Just make sure the settings are what you want them to be.
Similar to IFTTT, you can use a service like Buffer to publish content to Facebook automatically on your behalf.

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