When I started my gym a couple years ago, I used a pre-made WordPress template and filled in the blanks with my business info. It looked fine aesthetically, but I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to update, and how poorly it would perform for SEO purposes. I put up with the bad site for two years, but I finally hit my breaking point after spending several fruitless hours searching for the place to update my business address. It should have taken 2 minutes!  I was sick of hunting through dozens of menus to find the right spot to make updates.

Alison migrated our site to a much more user-friendly, simple template that is a breeze to update. It’s significantly more effective from an SEO perspective too! Folks are finding us on Google, and booking appointments without me having to pay for ads anywhere. Working with Alison & tiny blue orange has saved me a ton of time, and has directly impacted my revenue growth by helping our SEO. I only regret not doing it sooner! We’ve had more new leads through our website in the last 3 months than in the entire 18 months before that. 

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