do you know how secure your WordPress site is?

are you aware of the most common ways that hackers gain access to a WordPress website?

have you recently checked on your website’s security to make sure your business is safe?

do you feel cool, calm + collected when others talk about hackers, brute force attacks, crashed servers + other crappy circumstances regarding their online business?

if not, you don’t have to sweat it.
let us help you protect your online business + help you sleep easier at night.

we’ve launched hundreds of WordPress websites, unhacked dozens of sites for fellow online entrepreneurs + protected just as many from hackers.

we know a thing or twenty about WordPress security + support.

how would it feel to know exactly how secure {or not secure} your site is before the year is over?

if you purchase your security audit before December 18th, we’ll scour your website for the 20 most common security issues + vulnerabilities before the new year!

when the audit is complete, you’ll get a custom report featuring notes, suggestions + action steps for improving your website’s security. you’ll be armed with a game plan to keep your site from being hacked in 2018.

our notes will also include the cost to have the nerds at tiny blue orange take care of everything for you. (our clients pay $150-$300 to get a fully buttoned-up WordPress site.)

I KNOW how important security is, but it isn’t my area of expertise when it comes to making it happen. Naturally, I called Alison to help me out here so her + Brutus could make sure I was safe.

She took my info, worked her magic, and came back with an audit + a very pretty, very practical, very smart list of things I should consider fixing to make sure NiceOps was protected. Of course, my jaw dropped at how beautiful + well organized her presentation was (I’m a sucker for systems) and she covered things I never in a zillion years would have thought of.

I feel safe, secure, and I know Tiny Blue Orange has my virtual back! Who’s got your back?

– Amber McCue,

while we can’t guarantee that your site will never be hacked* or fall victim to trouble, especially since we cannot control the security of the other sites on your server. what we can guarantee that you’ll be better protected + have a plan in case something does happen. that feeling of safety + security is priceless.



*all of our hosting clients get a hack-free guarantee for $30 a month. if you’re interested in this level of security, let us know before purchasing your audit.

So much of my blood, sweat and tears go into the blogs on my website. It is what generates traffic, clients leads and gets useful information to those who need it. The idea that a cyber attack could wipe away hours of my work and leave me with a blank slate was something that kept me up at night.

Alison Monday was professional, speedy and informative and she charges reasonable rates for peace of mind. Even though she’s not a health coach, she’s the reason I sleep better at night, knowing that my two website babies are safe and protected.

– Angela Privin, digestive Superhealer and Paleo recipe blogger at