Nerd alert: Chrome extensions

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As a web developer, I use practically every browser to ensure that my themes + sites are running smoothly, but my browser of choices is Chrome. Yes, sometimes I feel like the Google overlords will get me, but it make sense to use something that integrates so well with their other products that I use regularly.

Most browsers have add-ons like Chrome, so this post is likely applicable to your favorite browser as well. But today I’m going to focus on the 8 extensions that i use daily when I’m in Chrome.

My favorite chrome extensions

toolkit: chrome extensions // tiny blue orange
{the row of icons pictured above are my extensions. they are explained from left to right.}

Website blocker: This extension has kept my productivity up + my projects on task. I simply set what websites I want to block + when. {email, social media + a certain fashion website are my main time suck culprits.}

Evernote web clipper: My business is documented entirely in evernote, so I use their web clipper to save important emails, articles I’m using for research, details for blog posts, etc. I love that you can select an entire article or just a few words, that makes it super handy.

1password:previously explained how I use 1password to store all of my passwords + important information, so the chrome extension allows me to use all of that data with one or two clicks. I can search for specific accounts when I can’t remember what the website is or add my username + password to a sign in form with a single click.

Onetab: Ever have a gazillion tabs open while doing research or brainstorming? By clicking this icon all of those tabs are saved into a list of links in a single tab for when you are ready to view them.

Pin it button: A lot of sites have a built in pinterest button, but not all. So I use this icon to easily add a link, article or image to my pinterest boards.

Zapier: it shouldn’t be a secret that I love automation, which is why I use Zapier to automatically tackle a few tasks for me every day. I use this extension to see my recent “zaps” + make sure things are running smoothly.

Adblock plus: I don’t know many folks that like ads that disrupt your browsing. Adblock plus does a great job of hiding a lot of the crap you don’t want to see.

Using chrome extensions

To add any of these extensions to your version of chome, simply head to the chrome web store + click the “free” button on the extension you want. Your browser will ask you to confirm + then it will install. You may need to log in or configure some settings, depending on the extension. But otherwise, it’s as easy as a couple clicks.

Are you a fan of extensions {or add-ons} to your browser? Share your favorite in the comments below.

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