Setting website goals

Whether you’re into resolutions or not, the end of a year (and a decade) is a time for reflection. It’s a great opportunity to review what your site has done for your business. As well as what is possible in the new year. And with that information, you can set website goals if you’d like. […]

Do you need www for your WordPress site?

Buying a domain name can be tough enough because of all of the extensions available. Do you go for the .com, the .biz or something totally different? I’m a fan of .com because it’s the most well known, but what about the front of your domain. Do you need to use www in your site […]

Create a better site contact form

1. Contact information Maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but asking leads for their information can save you oodles of back + forth emails if they hire you. Most contact forms do a great job of snagging a name + email address, because you likely couldn’t respond to the inquiry without that information. But where […]

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