Do you need www for your WordPress site?

Buying a domain name can be tough enough because of all of the extensions available. Do you go for the .com, the .biz or something totally different? I’m a fan of .com because it’s the most well known, but what about the front of your domain. Do you need to use www in your site […]

Optimize browser tab real estate

Having top-notch content is the best way to ensure that visitors want to stay on your website, or at least keep coming back to it. Content creation isn’t the only focus though. Which is why we need to talk about optimizing the small bit of browser real estate that you have to work with.

Create a better site contact form

1. Contact information Maybe I’m stating the obvious here, but asking leads for their information can save you oodles of back + forth emails if they hire you. Most contact forms do a great job of snagging a name + email address, because you likely couldn’t respond to the inquiry without that information. But where […]

3 Businesses who benefit from using WordPress

Local businesses Anyone with a physical address for their business benefits from using WordPress over many other platforms for their website. Why? Because WordPress is great for SEO. Out of the box, WordPress is set up to help your business succeed on search engines but you can also add plugins to take your SEO efforts […]

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