3 Businesses who benefit from using WordPress

Local businesses Anyone with a physical address for their business benefits from using WordPress over many other platforms for their website. Why? Because WordPress is great for SEO. Out of the box, WordPress is set up to help your business succeed on search engines but you can also add plugins to take your SEO efforts […]

How to test your new site before launching

This isn’t an extensive list, but it will get you from having a new + pretty website to having confidence in your new + pretty website. Different browsers The first way to ensure that your site will be a great experience for everyone that visits is by looking at it in different browsers. There are […]

6 Things your developer wants to know

Who makes up your audience While your designer is more likely to care heaps about who is using the site, your WordPress developer can take this information to a more technical side of building a site. For example, if your audience is primarily 20-somethings, they will use a different browser than an audience of folks […]

How to secure your domain

Buying a domain can be stressful. You might’ve spent hours or days coming up with the perfect name only to learn that the domain you wanted is taken. (along with the .co, .biz, .net, etc.)Once you find a domain that you dig, you might purchase it without much thought beyond how many years you want […]

How to use FTP

Let’s start at the beginning. FTP stands for file transfer protocol + is a way of transferring files between servers or computers. More + more hosting companies are using SFTP which stands for secure file transfer protocol + you know how much I love security. You may have used the file manager tool in your […]

How to buy a domain

You’re finally ready. It’s time to pull the trigger. You’re going to buy your domain today! But how do you do it? Where do you go? Is it going to take a while? When you buy a domain, the hardest part is deciding on one. Most folks pick some version of their business name, like […]

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