3 responsive items to watch out for

Pop-ups If you’re surprised to read this one as the first item, we’ve been hanging out on different sites than you have. Cause the trend of pop-ups that are worthless on mobile is one that has been driving users batty for a while now. Pop-ups can rub people the wrong way in general, but imagine […]

3 ways to test the responsiveness of your site

On different devices One of the more obvious ways to test how your site looks on different devices is by looking at it on different devices. (Sorry, was that obnoxious?) While device sizes are changing almost every day, peeking at your website on a desktop, laptop, tablet + smartphone will give you a really good […]

Responsive themes vs mobile themes

When smartphones kept growing in popularity, most websites were not built to be accessed on a small screen. Which left business owners trying to make their sites work well on mobile quickly + cost effectively. That’s when the mobile theme was born. Mobile themes are separate themes that you have on your site for mobile […]

Use a follow-up page to improve your process

One of my favorite “secret” site pages is my follow-up page. It is built to follow-up with clients after our project has wrapped up. It allows them to voice their feedback + gives me the chance to ask for a testimonial to use when Iput their site in my project portfolio. Your follow-up page content […]

Create a thank you page

Whether you are using your own dedicated opt-in page or not, your business can benefit from creating a stand alone thank you page to use for your embedded opt-in forms, contact form or LeadPages. Creating a thank you page — vs showing a message of gratitude — gives you the ability to know if your […]

Create your own dedicated opt-in page

One of the pages that most of my clients don’t even consider or request is an opt-in page. They remember the homepage, contact page + the about page. But it’s rare for someone to ask me to set up a page with the sole purpose of getting folks added to their newsletter. Which is interesting, […]

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