How to disconnect without shutting down your business

Whether you are looking to do something similar, or simply want a week-long staycation without stressing over client work, it is possible to do without shutting your business down completely. If you provide a service, this ensures your clients are cared for + you continue to make money while disconnecting. Step 1 – give your […]

Gift ideas for your favorite online business owner

1. Desk accessories in their brand colors No matter where your fave online business owner works or what they do, I’d bet cash money they’d love a branded desk accessory or five. My first choice for snagging these gifts is Poppin because they have a shop by color option that makes this gift a painless […]

Nerd alert: iPhone keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts aren’t just for your laptop or desktop computer. You can use them on your smartphone + tablet too! I going to share some of my favorite iPhone shortcuts but know that these settings + ideas apply just as much to iPads as well. What exactly are shortcuts? They are specific characters you type […]

Client love guide – Providing instructions

The first part in nailing down your instruction process is to figure out exactly what you will be instructing them on. All tiny blue orange clients get instructions on how to use their custom site. If they purchased an audit, they get instructions for keeping their site safe. Those are pretty big picture items, but […]

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