Tracking site visits vs pageviews

When reviewing your site analytics, it’s tough to always know what number(s) to focus on. And I can’t really tell you the right answer without knowing much about your business. But I can break down 2 of the more confusing metrics — site visits + pageviews — so that you know what you’re looking at […]

How to hide content from Google

Did you know that you can hide content from Google? Whether you hide your entire website or specific elements, you can quickly + easily tell Google to not show content in search results for your potential clients. Why would you want to hide content? For most of us, it’s not a matter of wanting to […]

Free plugins that help your SEO

If you haven’t seen the 3 easy ways you can rank better on google post, check that out first. These recommendations will help in the efforts you make with those 3 ideas. SSL Force SSL Plugin You must purchase an SSL for this plugin to work. So yes, the plugin is free, but the SSL may […]

3 Easy ways to rank better on google

SSL One of the best things you can do for your WordPress website is to snag an SSL for your domain. While we at tiny blue orange provide these to all of our hosting clients, for free, you can work with your hosting company to get an SSL set up. If they don’t offer them […]

Set up + install Google Analytics

For as long as I’ve been building sites in WordPress, I’ve been adding Google Analytics to them. If you didn’t know, Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google to track your site traffic — anything from how long users spend on your site to what website they came from to what page on […]

Tell Google about your website

When you’re ready to share your site with the world, it’s a great idea to give Google the heads up that a new site exists. Sure, you could wait for their bots to stumble upon it, but why not take charge + get your name out there sooner than later? The other perk of telling […]

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