Add your WordPress site to Search Console

Like Google Analytics, Search Console is a free service offered by Google that you can take advantage of for your blog + business. It helps you monitor + improve your site’s ranking in Google Search results — hence the name “Search Console.” How to set up your Search Console account Like many of their products, […]

Know your numbers: bounce rate

This post is all about seeing your bounce rate on your Google Analytics dashboard. If you don’t have GA installed already, get your free account set up + running. Then after 24 hours, you’ll have some data to look at to learn what device type folks are viewing your site on. WTF is bounce rate […]

Tracking site visits vs pageviews

When reviewing your site analytics, it’s tough to always know what number(s) to focus on. And I can’t really tell you the right answer without knowing much about your business. But I can break down 2 of the more confusing metrics — site visits + pageviews — so that you know what you’re looking at […]

How to hide content from Google

Did you know that you can hide content from Google? Whether you hide your entire website or specific elements, you can quickly + easily tell Google to not show content in search results for your potential clients. Why would you want to hide content? For most of us, it’s not a matter of wanting to […]

Free plugins that help your SEO

If you haven’t seen the 3 easy ways you can rank better on google post, check that out first. These recommendations will help in the efforts you make with those 3 ideas. SSL Force SSL Plugin You must purchase an SSL for this plugin to work. So yes, the plugin is free, but the SSL may […]

Set up + install Google Analytics

For as long as I’ve been building sites in WordPress, I’ve been adding Google Analytics to them. If you didn’t know, Google Analytics is a free service provided by Google to track your site traffic — anything from how long users spend on your site to what website they came from to what page on […]

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