How I create content for WordPress

There’s a saying that goes “the best ____ is the one you use” + I’m quite fond of it. This applies to business systems, workout routines + so much more. But for today, we’re going to apply it to content creation systems. I’m guilty of getting sidetracked by new systems + software instead of simply putting […]

how to choose a secure WordPress password

what makes a password secure? it might be hard to understand the way a hacker thinks, but doing so helps you keep your login screen secure. your business name or personal details about you like your address, children’s names or pets all make for weak passwords. (i bet it would take you less than 5 […]

don’t make this big WordPress mistake

most WordPress sites are set up using the 5 minute install method or with a quick setup tool offered by the hosting company. the majority of these methods populate the first user with the username admin. hackers know this. so the hackers guess admin when trying to break into a WordPress site. and if you […]

how to use FTP

let’s start at the beginning. FTP stands for file transfer protocol + is a way of transferring files between servers or computers. more + more hosting companies are using SFTP which stands for secure file transfer protocol + you know how much i love security. you may have used the file manager tool in your […]

preparing your hosting account for WordPress

if you aren’t sure which hosting company to use, i set up a guide just for you. but if you have a shared hosting account already and aren’t sure how to get WordPress up + running on it, let’s dive into the steps right now. connect your domain you can skip this step if you […]

how to buy a domain

the hardest part of buying a domain is deciding what one to buy. most folks pick some version of their business name, like this site living on when the business name is tiny blue orange. if the .com is already taken by someone else, you can choose a different extension — like .biz, .blog, […]

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