Styling WordPress blog posts with Gutenberg

We’ve heard the lessons, lectures + tips that you need great content to build an audience online. And trust me, I completely agree with that. But today I want to visit something that compliments your amazing content… styling WordPress blog posts (or pages) to make them beautiful, easy to read + great for SEO. Styling […]

Get images to behave on your WordPress blog

Do you feel like you are fighting images on your website? Sometimes you place an image + the size is so rowdy you have to scroll forever to see your text. Other times your words wrap around the image in a weird way. That ends today — let’s dive into the best ways to add […]

3 blogging tricks you want to know

Not everyone uses WordPress as a blogging platform. But if you’re creating content on a WP site, these blogging tricks will up your efficiency + get you in front of a few more readers for each post you publish. #1 – Schedule your blog posts It can be tough to get ahead when creating content. […]

Using Airtable as an editorial calendar

A few weeks ago I introduced my favorite tool to manage client data. After I got comfortable with that, I started using Airtable as my editorial calendar for blog posts, followed by newsletters + social media posts. Today, I’m sharing a version of how I organize blog post info that you can grab + use […]

Possible blog call to actions for your readers

So many business owners don’t consider the steps that users will take as they visit a website, which means they leave possible money on the digital table. Or, sometimes worse, they give users all the options + leave them overwhelmed. Which often leads to analysis paralysis. Aka, not taking any action at all. Considering your […]

How I create content for WordPress

There’s a saying that goes “the best ____ is the one you use” + I’m quite fond of it. This applies to business systems, workout routines + so much more. But for today, we’re going to apply it to how to create content for WordPress. I’m guilty of getting sidetracked by new systems + software instead […]

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