Using Airtable as an editorial calendar

A few weeks ago I introduced my favorite tool to manage client data. After I got comfortable with that, I started using Airtable as my editorial calendar for blog posts, followed by newsletters + social media posts. Today, I’m sharing a version of how I organize blog post info that you can grab + use […]

Possible blog call to actions for your readers

So many business owners don’t consider the steps that users will take as they visit a website, which means they leave possible money on the digital table. Or, sometimes worse, they give users all the options + leave them overwhelmed. Which often leads to analysis paralysis. Aka, not taking any action at all. The trick […]

How I create content for WordPress

There’s a saying that goes “the best ____ is the one you use” + I’m quite fond of it. This applies to business systems, workout routines + so much more. But for today, we’re going to apply it to content creation systems. I’m guilty of getting sidetracked by new systems + software instead of simply putting […]

Prep your WordPress images for Facebook

With almost 2 billion active users, it’s hard to ignore Facebook as a platform for your business. Odds are that someone who needs your product or service has a tab open for Facebook right now. But how do you grab their attention on a platform loaded with status updates, videos + more? Start with content […]

Prep your WordPress images for Pinterest

With over 150 million active users, odds are that there is someone who needs your service or product on Pinterest right now. But how do you get in front of them? First, you have to have content that is easily sharable on the social media platform + then you need to have easily searchable content. […]

Why would you use tags in WordPress?

Last week I went over why categories are great for you + for your audience. Once you have your category structure in place, adding another level of organization with tags might be just the thing your blog content needs. How are tags different? A blog post likely has one category + a number of tags. […]

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