Prep your WordPress images for Facebook

With almost 2 billion active users, it’s hard to ignore Facebook as a platform for your business. Odds are that someone who needs your product or service has a tab open for Facebook right now. But how do you grab their attention on a platform loaded with status updates, videos + other notifications? Start with […]

Prep your WordPress images for Pinterest

With over 150 million active users, odds are that there is someone who needs your service or product on Pinterest right now. But how do you get in front of them? First, you have to have content that is easily sharable on the social media platform + then you need to have easily searchable content. […]

Why would you use WordPress tags?

Last week I went over why categories are great for you + for your audience. Once you have your category structure in place, adding another level of organization with WordPress tags might be just the thing your blog content needs. How are WordPress tags different? A blog post typically has one category + a number […]

Using WordPress categories like a boss

The best way I’ve heard WordPress categories described is that they are the folders in your file cabinet. If your blog posts were printed pieces of paper you had to organize. While categories do help to keep your content grouped, the reason you’ll want to give a damn about them is because categories help your […]

5 Things to do with your most popular blog content

Armed with your list of most popular content, look at these 5 ideas to see which popular post makes the most sense for each idea. I list example ideas for some of my own most popular posts to help kickstart your brainstorming. Create a supplemental opt-in Posts that go “viral” or get a spike in […]

Use WordPress as an editorial calendar

Creating a WordPress editorial calendar can be as analog or digital as you want it to be. If you’re like me, you love printing out blank calendars. With your printout, you can go to town color-coding your blog posts, newsletters, etc. But then you’ve got a stack of paper calendars that need to find their […]

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