Common Search Console errors

Once your WordPress site is connected to Search Console (a free service provided by Google), you’ll get alerts for areas that need to be improved. These common Search Console errors are often easy to remedy — when you know what to do! URL errors within Search Console Since Google will crawl your WordPress site content, […]

WTF… what is caching?

If you’re digging through the difference between managed hosting + shared hosting + find yourself scratching your head asking what is caching, let’s tackle that nerdy term right now. The verb cache means store for future use, which is the perfect way to think about caching your site. When you use caching for WordPress, you […]

What is managed WordPress hosting vs shared hosting?

While there are dozens + dozens of hosting companies in the world, there are a limited number of hosting types. When focusing on WordPress websites, I like to compare the two most popular — shared + managed WordPress hosting. If you’re not into nerdy things, hosting can feel like discussing insurance options (boring) but it’s […]

Does your site load fast enough?

It’d be easy to throw in a few jokes about size, but the reality is that site speed does matter, no matter what anyone tells you. ? Not a week goes by that I don’t have a website owner asking me “is my site fast enough?” As popular as mindfulness is, attention spans are not […]

Speed up your WordPress site

In the video, I referenced a few elements that you can dig into in more detail with the articles below. Your Site Speed Matters How to Add + Remove Plugins Is Your Website Loading Fast Enough tiny blue orange WordPress Hosting Services Improving Your Blog Images + Site Speed

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