How to Improve Your Mobile Site

Roughly half of the visitors to the average small business website use a smartphone or mobile device. For some industries, this can be even higher. While you might not hire a web developer while browsing your phone, looking at a new fitness facility or clicking through FB ads are more often done on phones over […]

Signs it’s time to upgrade WordPress hosting

There are plenty of reasons why it might be time for you to switch WordPress hosting companies, but what about upgrading? Sometimes these might be the same thing — you could upgrade WordPress hosting as you move to a new host. But there are times where WordPress users simply need more as their site grows. […]

Should you switch WordPress hosting companies?

A client reached out to tiny blue orange for some help with the layout of their site. After talking, we quickly realized there was a much bigger issue to solve first — their hosting drama. It was clearly time for them to switch WordPress hosting companies + you might be wondering if it’s time for […]

Common Search Console errors

Once your WordPress site is connected to Search Console (a free service provided by Google), you’ll get alerts for areas that need to be improved. These common Search Console errors are often easy to remedy — when you know what to do! URL errors within Search Console Since Google will crawl your WordPress site content, […]

WTF… what is caching?

If you’re digging through the difference between managed hosting + shared hosting + find yourself scratching your head asking what is caching, let’s tackle that nerdy term right now. The verb cache means store for future use, which is the perfect way to think about caching your site. When you use caching for WordPress, you […]

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