Testing updates with a staging site

You don’t have to risk breaking your live site because everyone is telling you to update to the latest version of WordPress. If you have a staging site, you can test the update without impacting your live site. Want to know the steps? Keep reading…

Does your site load fast enough?

It’d be easy to throw in a few jokes about size, but the reality is that site speed does matter, no matter what anyone tells you. 😝 As popular as mindfulness is, attention spans are not getting longer. Because of that, having a quick loading site is a great goal for your business. Users will […]

Speed up your WordPress site

In the video, I referenced a few elements that you can dig into in more detail with the articles below. Your Site Speed Matters How to Add + Remove Plugins Is Your Website Loading Fast Enough tiny blue orange WordPress Hosting Services Improving Your Blog Images + Site Speed

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