Pros + cons of automatic WordPress updates

Automatic background updates have been introduced in WordPress 3.7. Since this moment it is possible to receive minor + security updates automatically because this feature is enabled by default. Additionally, managed hosting providers have their own update policy, updating websites themselves if you don’t do it yourself within days from the release of a new […]

Your site speed matters

Slow + steady wins the race works for a number of things in the online world, but not your website. It’s a fact that users have painfully short attention spans + are more likely to leave a slow loading website than wait around for it. Even if you want to curate a fan base of […]

Spring cleaning for your WordPress site

As hard as we may try to keep our sites free of clutter, shit happens. You might try out a few plugins for social sharing + forget to remove the extras. Or perhaps you are giving a new theme a try but it didn’t make the cut. it’s always a good idea to give your […]

Keep your site from crashing during your next launch

If you didn’t know, Beyoncé announced a world tour nonchalantly after her Super Bowl halftime performance with a 15-second ad. And for the last 15 or so hours, her site has been taken down repeatedly — more than likely by the mass amounts of traffic it’s getting. You may not be getting Beyoncé sized waves […]

Why you need a staging site

Staging vs production – what’s the difference Let’s get nerdy for a second, shall we? In development, the live site (what your customers use + visit) is called production. And a test site (one that your customers do not have access to) is called staging. Just like staging a home, this is a great place […]

Improving your blog images + site speed

What a lot of clients don’t realize is just how taxing large images can be on their server. And when you have only a few seconds to make an impression with your visitors, you need your site to load completely in those few seconds. Here are a few quick tips for speeding up your site […]

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