WordPress Login Security

This is my PSA, call to action + support for any and all WordPress users. Yes, it’s a big deal. When you log into your website, do you type the word “admin”? If so, we need to talk. If not, you’re not off the hook just yet. Taking WordPress login security seriously could save you […]

WordPress SSL 101

Your WordPress site needs an SSL — to keep your site users protected + to improve your SEO. With many hosting companies providing WordPress SSL certificates for free, why not use one? WTF is SSL anyway? In geek speak, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. My guess is that did absolutely nothing to help you […]

How to fix your hacked WordPress site

When trying to fix a hacked WordPress site, time is working against you. Thankfully these 4 steps are all you need to work through. If you’re not sure if you’ve been hacked, read through this post to see if your site has indeed been compromised. Change all of your passwords It is mission critical that […]

Signs that your WordPress site has been hacked

Do you know the telltale signs your WordPress site has been hacked? If you’re hanging out in the backend of WordPress only, it’s really easy to miss. Check out these key areas the next time you’re spending some time on your site security. What users see If your WordPress site looks like it’s supposed to […]

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