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If users are bouncin’ they likely aren’t signing up for your email list, reaching out for a one-on-one, or spending money with you.

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  • when is a high Bounce Rate a good thing?
  • getting the right eyes on your content
  • the 3 types of links to consider when creating content
  • why visitors might be running from your site
  • how to measure your success

It’s all served up in manageable chunks. Improving your site performance doesn’t need to be a big thing, which is why each email has one task. This project won’t derail your other tasks over the next week. Simply carve out 15-20 minutes for each task and you’ll be set.

Improve WordPress Bounce Rate …one requirement

**There’s one important thing to note: Google Analytics is required for this. You can’t improve Bounce Rate if you don’t know wtf your Bounce Rate even is. Start here if you don’t currently use Google Analytics.

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Ready to improve more WordPress SEO?

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We’ve been improving, securing + hosting WordPress websites for almost a decade. When site owners find themselves in a shitty situation, they come to us. Paying attention to a few key areas can help you avoid putting our number on your speed dial.

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