Responsive WordPress development

We build responsive WordPress websites for our clients in one of two ways — custom or customized — because, no matter what, you deserve a site that is made for your brand + business.

Content is the most important piece of a website. Which is why we focus our efforts on well-built websites that our clients can edit. If you can add or change the content on your site, what’s the point of using WordPress?

Custom responsive WordPress development

Our custom responsive development projects take 3-6 weeks (depending on the features) + start at $3,250. This option is perfect for someone who is working with a designer on how their new website needs to look. It’s also a perfect option for designers who want to stop coding projects for clients + stick to the work they love doing.

In a perfect world, we’ll connect before the design phase starts. That way, you can reach out during the brainstorming process if a question comes up like “how would this work?” Think of us as your nerds on-call.

Once the designs have been approved, we get to work coding. Everyone on the team gets to review the development link before we test all features + functions. That way, if any revisions need to happen, we can knock them out before launching.

Customized responsive WordPress development

Our customized projects take 1-3 weeks (depending on the features) + start at $1,600. This option is perfect for someone who needs a website that will grow with their business.

We’re able to speed up the timeline + lower the budget by utilizing one of our well-built WordPress themes. You’re not stuck with a theme that is bloated, slow or tough to use. Instead, you get to choose a theme that is almost perfect + we do the rest of the work to make it just right.

The launch countdown

We take pride in the testing system that we’ve built through our decade of building responsive WordPress websites. Whether it’s ensuring things look good in all browsers, all device sizes, or that your opt-in forms are connected properly — you don’t have to sweat this step in the launch process.

All of our sites (whether custom or customized) are responsive (mobile-friendly) + come with instructions for using your brand new site. We’re available via email, but we believe that business owners should be able to make a change to their own website whenever they want to — if that’s 10pm on a Saturday, we don’t want to stop you.

And we include time hosted on our secure + speedy servers with both development types. Because every single entrepreneur deserves top notch treatment from start to launch of their website.

Whether you want custom, customized or aren’t sure…

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