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Avoid the major headache — + expense — of a hacked site by improving your WordPress site security.

Enter your email address below + within the hour, you’ll be improving your site security like a boss. Over the next week, your inbox will get a handful of emails that’ll save you from shitty situations. We’ll cover topics like:

  • the right number of administrator accounts to have
  • how passwords impact site security
  • the best kind of backups + why
  • the worst kind of plugins + why
  • general WordPress website trash to clear out

It’s all served up in manageable chunks. Site security doesn’t need to be a big thing, which is why each email has one task. This project won’t derail your other tasks over the next week. Simply carve out 15-20 minutes for each task and you’ll be set.

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Ready for more WordPress site security?

Did you know that we have a few dozen posts on the topic? Check out some of the most popular security posts on this site if you’re inspired to keep hackers away.

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We’ve been unhacking, securing + hosting WordPress websites for almost a decade. When site owners find themselves in a shitty situation, they come to us. Paying attention to a few key areas can help you avoid putting our number on your speed dial.

Sign up for the completely free security ecourse + rest easier knowing your site is safer than before.

PS: If you ever find yourself needing to get your site unhacked, we can help. And if you want a guarantee that you won’t get hacked, we can offer that too.

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