Boost Your WordPress Site Speed in Just 1 Week!

It’s time to peel away the sluggishness + boost your WordPress site speed. Not just because it’s costing you customers + chipping away at your sanity. But because you deserve a site that loads quickly!

Enter your email address below to get easy-to-follow step-by-step guides to boost your WordPress site speed before next weekend. Give me 1 week + I’ll give you a faster site. Over the next few days, you’ll learn:

  • how to know if your site is slow or fast or somewhere in between
  • how to reduce the space + time that images are taking from your site
  • how to clear out resource hogs — especially the ones you didn’t need anyways
  • wtf caching is + the different ways you can use it to up your WordPress site speed
  • the best way to see if your speed work is worth it

Plus, all of this valuable info is served up in tiny chunks. Each email features 1 very specific task to tackle so you know what to do. If you can spare 15-30 minutes each day, you won’t believe how many milliseconds you can shave off of your website load time. But you’ll know exactly how many you did peel off, because the tiny details matter + I’ll explain how.

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Why WordPress site speed matters

Site speed is mission critical for online businesses. Visitors are spending less + less time deciding if they want to stay on a website or not. Which means you have to make an impact immediately — and you can’t do that if your site loads as slowly as it does now.

How do I know your site is slow? If you’re here, it is (for now). The truth is, whether your site loads in 0.5 seconds or 5 seconds, you’ll see an improvement by tackling these tips. And if your most important pages take 2 seconds or longer to load, you do not want to miss this free email series. If you’re not sure how slow it really is, the very first email has everything you need to know.

In addition to the 5 speed improving emails, you’ll get weekly WordPress wit (www) on Monday mornings. These emails revolve around getting more out of WordPress while doing less in it. That means less time looking, less time googling + certainly less time waiting for pages to load.

Your speedy site guide

At tiny blue orange, we’ve been speeding up, securing + hosting WordPress websites for more than a decade. (Sometimes in reverse order.) When site owners are frustrated by their site, they come to us. Spending ~2 hours this week can help you avoid putting our number on your speed dial.

Snag the free WordPress site speed ecourse + kiss your slow site goodbye… without needing to spend thousands of dollars for a new one.

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