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  • clear out resources hogs — that you don’t need anyway
  • wtf caching is + the different ways you can use it
  • the best way to see if your work is paying off

It’s all served up in tiny chunks. Site speed is mission critical since visitors are spending less + less time deciding if they want to stay on a website or not. Each email in this free ecourse will give you one specific task to tackle. Carve out 15-30 minutes each day + you won’t believe how many milliseconds you can shave off of your website load time.

And yes, shaving seconds off is a big deal. Your site hopefully loads in 2 seconds or less. If not, do not miss this free ecourse.

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Do you have a need for WordPress site speed?

You’re in luck, because we have over a dozen posts on the topic. Check out some of the most popular performance posts on this site if you’re inspired to make things lightning quick.

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We’ve been speeding up, securing + hosting WordPress websites for almost a decade. When site owners find themselves frustrated by a slow site, they come to us. Spending a little bit of time over the next week on your site speed can help you avoid putting our number on your speed dial.

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