SOS Support Service Terms + Conditions

Well isn’t that a mouthful? We’ll keep the legalese to a minimum so we don’t delay your site getting back to business. Here’s what you need to know...

No Guarantees

We do not make any guarantees that we can fix your WordPress website. We do not make any guarantees that we can restore your missing content. Simply put, we haven’t seen the damage — we don’t even know your site was hacked until you send the SOS signal our way.

We will do our damnedest to get to the bottom of what it will take to make things right.


The $500 fee is non-refundable because as soon as we get the SOS signal from you (by paying via PayPal), we will stop the projects we are working on to help you out.

That means client projects are getting bumped, delayed or missing deadlines.

A hacked site is the definition of an urgent situation. We feel strongly about this. In order to prioritize your WordPress site cleanup, we either have to delay our current projects or hire someone to finish the work.

If you’re asking us to put your website at the top of the priority list, your $500 fee is non-refundable.

36 Hour Timeline

If we aren’t able to look at a website in 36 hours, this service isn’t available. It’s that simple.

Since you’re filling out the SOS signal form, we are available to take a look within 36 hours.

What will you get in that window? A findings report — not necessarily a fixed website.

Our findings report is a detailed breakdown of what it will take to fix your site. If you agree to hire us for that work, we will get started immediately. That might be within the 36 hour window, or it might be outside of it.

But you will know what your options are within 36 hours of purchasing this non-refundable service.

Ready to send the SOS signal?

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