as an online entrepreneur, your site is your storefront, shop, office + headquarters rolled into one pretty package.

but are your store security systems enough to safeguard your business + customers from:

  • anonymous attacks;
  • heartless hackers;
  • server shitstorms; and
  • other comparatively crappy circumstances?



tinyblueorange_testimonial_angela“so much of my blood, sweat and tears go into my website. it is what generates traffic, clients leads and gets useful information to those who need it.

the idea that a cyber attack could wipe away hours of my work and leave me with a blank slate was something that kept me up at night.”

– angela privin


remember the most recent time you stumbled upon a Facebook post from a fellow business owner that lost her entire website to a shitty situation? did your stalled heartbeat leave you feeling less than convinced your website is untouchable?

you don’t have to be violated by situations outside of your control when it comes to your website, your business + your customers.


enter tiny blue orange segments: the WordPress security edition—a bite-sized guide to securing your site without a degree in computer science. it was designed to quench your techy tummy rumblings with just the right touch of citrusy tang. quick + zesty. simple + sweet. mmhmmmmm….

this guide is sliced into 7 chapters ripe with all the necessary knowledge any DIY entrepreneur will need to get serious about security.

included are process breakdowns for step-by-step specifics without requiring top level technical know-how, iPad + laptop friendly worksheets to help you refine + research, a multiple page plugin update cheatsheet that you can rely on until you feel ready to try it sans training wheels.



“your book is rad! all my clients need to read this!

– paul jarvis



we’ve witnessed our fair share of business owners who need to devote thousands + thousands of dollars into reviving a site riddled with issues from hackers, if they aren’t left to start from scratch after losing everything. this single guide can easily save you hundreds or thousands for less than the cost of one security camera.

do not wait until it’s too late to keep the hackers out
or save your site from a server crash.



added bonus

as an added bonus, you’ll have access to any updated versions of this segment that we release.

we also created a quick start to security PDF that you’ll get as well. it features links + steps for the things you should do immediately if you want to increase your site’s security by a bajillion* percent in the next hour. {*not an actual unit of measure.}

wondering why website security is a worthy undertaking?

now that you know how much you could lose if your site were hacked, is having complete confidence in your online security worth $29 to you?




“alison is an uber-nerd of tech knowledge. having her by my cyber-side is cash in the bank! wave goodbye to your tech terrors in the rear view mirror.”

– victoria prozan



our second client ever lost her entire ecommerce site because it was hacked after the culprits gained access to her server through an unprotected site she shared space with. when we turned to her hosting company to restore backups, we found out the backup files were corrupt + there was nothing they could do to get the site back online.

the entire team worked tirelessly for weeks to return the site to it’s previous state, but that ordeal launched alison’s relentless mission to shield clients from the heartache + headache of losing a single word or pixel to a hacker, technical issue or user error.


how long will it take me to finish this segment?

that really depends on your speed reading skills! to get specific, this complete guide to securing your WordPress site is 44 pages long {with worksheets}.

could you devour this in a weekend? absolutely! could you spread it out over a month? you bet!

however you divide + conquer, this guide is fortified with the exact amount of instructions, worksheets + screen shots you need to quench your security craving. a full serving of nerdy references is included for maximum nutritional value.

my site is painfully outdated, will i be able to follow this guide?

if your site hasn’t been updated in years, i want you to drop everything, get the guide + then get to work securing your online business.

while the look of the admin area has changed in the most recent versions of WordPress, the settings or steps aren’t new. that means this is gonna help you whether you are running version 3.3 or 4.3.

will this work on my device?

the eBook is provided in PDF format, so it’s adaptable to your preferred nerd mode: mac, PC, iPhone, or android. and although killing trees is not preferred, it is also printable, if you prefer paper + ink.

if i’m not satisfied with this segment, can i get a refund?

i spent countless hours making this guide for easy nerd level-ups—as long as you follow the instructions + complete the tasks {basically, if you do the work instead of sipping on a screwdriver—not that those activities are mutually exclusive}, you will be satisfied. so, no need for refunds. {phew! for both of us!}

i’m stuck! help?

if your own nerd power is not enough to overcome your predicament, by all means, talk nerdy to me — you can find me on twitter for quick fixes.




“i feel safe, secure, and i know tiny blue orange has my virtual back!
who’s got your back?”

– amber mccue



brutus, the 108 pound bullmastiff office mascot + the rest of the tiny blue orange team have devoted dozens of hours into devouring best security practices, verifying WordPress vulnerabilities + actually acting on ways to make all of it easier.

{ok, so the humans have done 100% of the work, but he loves being a guard dog.}

while we normally offer on-going WordPress security services for a minimum of $1,500 a year, we knew that we weren’t going to be able to safeguard as many sites as we wanted to. which is precisely why alison created this download: more entrepreneurs need secure sites, safe servers + rock solid security systems in place… pulp-free, of course.