5 Things to do with your most popular blog content

Armed with your list of most popular content, look at these 5 ideas to see which popular post makes the most sense for each idea. I list example ideas for some of my own most popular posts to help kickstart your brainstorming.

Create a supplemental opt-in

Posts that go “viral” or get a spike in traffic compared to others are great candidates for becoming list building posts. When you are getting a larger number of new visitors on your content, why not create an opt-in freebie that compliments the post content they are enjoying?
This could be as simple as a PDF or audio file that goes with the content. Or you could create a free email course of 3-6 emails that dig into the content even further. And the only way to get any of these items would be by signing up for your emails.
Add the sign-up box + graphic explaining the bonus material to your existing post so you don’t miss out on the opportunity to grow your newsletter list.


This post about embedding opt-ins on your Wordpress site would be the perfect place to showcase a bonus video tutorial on how to style your embedded opt-in forms.
I could record the video, host it privately on YouTube + embed it onto a WordPress password protected page. When folks sign up, they’d get an email with a link to the page + the password to watch the video as they have time.

Write a follow-up post

Coming up with new topics can be really tough, so save yourself the headache + expand on an already popular blog post.
In your list of popular content, you likely have at least one post that you just scratched the subject’s surface of — why not dig deeper?
Or maybe you have a list article that you could add to by coming up with 10 more ideas for your audience.


Speaking of listicles (list articles), this post you’re reading would be a great option for the follow-up idea. I could brainstorm 5 more things to do with popular posts + publish that as a separate article.
The key is to link to the new post from the old one so you take advantage of the traffic + guide users around your WordPress website.

Create a downloadable product

This is a little bit different from the first suggestion in that this is not about creating something you’ll give away.
Instead, you can create a paid product using the popular posts as inspiration, as the start to your product content or by gathering up your popular content + making a product out of that.


In my top 10 list, posts about WordPress security are heavily concentrated. I could collect posts about passwords, usernames + the login page into one paid eBook.
Before I sell it,I’dd add a bit more content from the blog post — text, images, quotes, etc — to make it more valuable for my audience.

List them in a sidebar widget

The easiest way to use your list of popular content is by creating a “popular posts” list in your site sidebar + linking to those posts directly from this space.
Set a reminder to review the list every few months to make sure you are showing the popular content, or use a plugin to generate this list (which means you give up control over what is shown.)


I could have a “get started with security tips” list of popular posts or “WordPress tutorials” that feature the most popular how-tos on my blog sidebar.

Convert the content to a different medium

No matter how you like to create content for your blog, you can breathe new life into existing posts by generating the same content in a new medium to reach a different audience.
If you always type out your posts (like I do), why not give audio recording a try to help those that love listening to content on their daily walks or commute?


This popular post about getting your site to load faster would make a great video post. I could record some moments of me speaking to the camera + other moments of screensharing how to speed up your site.
And with video, I’d have some clips that I could share on Instagram to generate even more interest + traffic back to the site.

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