about us

we believe that there is no fold on the internet. don’t be afraid to use your scroll bar or gestures when it comes to digital design.
we believe that form should always follow function, not the other way around. because design without content is just decoration + trying to look like someone else’s site isn’t going to solve your specific needs.
we believe that a client should be able to edit their site easily + without getting a headache. we aren’t here to hold you prisoner, we are here to empower + elevate you.
we believe that not all browsers are created equal, but that does not mean they can’t display the same way. (we’re looking at you, Internet Explorer.)
we believe that SEO stress is for chumps. if your priority is ranking first in Google over producing quality content, services + products, we are not the team for you.
we believe + stand behind well-functioning sites that are easy on the eyes. it’s not just about the look, but how the site functions, treats each user + performs for your business.

we believe that security, sass + sweetness make the world go ’round.

you already know how crucial it is to create a website so sweetly fluid that your users are focused entirely on you + your message — and you can even envision every juicy detail in your mind, dangling just out of reach.

get your glass ready: your web wish list just found it’s juicer

because at tiny blue orange, we want to whisk all your website what-if’s into sweet reality + help you pluck the fruits of online success.


meet the team

about Alison

i’m Alison Monday, and some of the things that make me happiest include saying “yes!” to “is that possible?”, squeezing in a small extra piece of code to truly make a site splash + providing the type of zippy replies, feedback + support that mean your users aren’t the only ones getting top-notch treatment.

and when i’m not hard at work, creating + building + supporting? then, i’m usually out + about in wisco, with my boyfriend, our bullmastiff, Brutus, + our pit mix, Pixel. preferred activities include lifting, eating, roaming + sniffing {for some of us, anyway}. also, dreaming about my next trip to Paris. but if i start telling you about that, i might not ever code another thing…


about Erin

hello! i’m Erin Mann, the tiny blue orange mama bear. new clients work with me to make sure we know all of the details about their project, get their passwords securely + organize all of the documents that need to be completed. i also touch base with our hosting clients since they rarely need to email us.

when i’m not keeping projects on track, i’m obsessing over my favorite journal, training for my next race, crafting or spending time with my two boys.

about Brutus

13422998_1118110974928836_790055707_nhi friend! i have loads of nicknames including Bruty, Bees + Bru Bru, but my full name is Brutus Callahan. to be honest, i’m no good at the nerdy stuff my mom does. it doesn’t bother me much since my superpower is security! {i’ve got more than 100 pounds of bad guy fighting strength.}

while i really dislike mean people who try to hurt sites, i really like all of the treats i get from protecting them. when i’m not busy securing WordPress, i dig taking naps, drooling + eating. peanut butter + carrots are the best things in the world. she tells me carrots are orange in color, so i like them even more.

about Pixel

10817917_544237325735433_332387156_ni’m the newest member of the team, but i love making sure the digital kind of pixels are in their place. {mom says i’m bossy, but it’s a good trait for this stuff.} i also help Erin with customer service because i love people! a couple times a week i have to wake my brother, Brutus, up from his many daily naps so he can scare hackers away.

i protect the office from toy stuffing + squeakers every day — so send any toys that need destroying. i also really like giving hugs + kisses. it’s sad that our clients are so far away that i can’t show them how much i adore them.


want to chat more? us too!

drop us a nerdy little note — whether you’ve got a whole happy concept to share or you’re juggling a few questions, we’re all ears. or, if you’d like some more info about what we offer first, take a quick peek.