Own Your Domain

Your domain name is a vital part of your brand’s identity. It’s used by customers + potential customers when they visit your WordPress website. The domain name is often how they’ll remember your business + share it with others. A domain name typically costs less than $20 per year, + this link will save you […]

Anti-hustle Culture

If you’ve been following my social media for any amount of time, or if you just know me, you know how anti-hustle culture I am. However, owning my own business + working from home makes it tricky sometimes to stop working + relax, go for a run, spend time with the pups or my husband […]

Social Media vs Reality

Earlier this week I hopped on the social media trend of sharing some parts of my reality that I struggle with because, as we all know, social media is a highlight reel + can often leave us feeling like we’re not keeping up.  On that note, if you’ve been around here for any amount of […]

Behind the Scenes: How I Build Websites

One of my favorite clients — no, I won’t name names this time — just gave me the green light to start building her new website. I love kicking off a new project because it’s a chance to either help a brand new business grow or create something that will improve an existing business. Every […]

Worlds Colliding

Do you ever get that feeling of your worlds colliding? It can be a soft bump up against each other or an explosion + subsequent fusion. My Gemini self is used to duality + I often notice synchronicities pop up in my daily life, but lately I’ve felt this bigger (more cosmic, if you will) […]

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