Add your WordPress site to Search Console

Like Google Analytics, Search Console is a free service offered by Google that you can take advantage of for your blog + business. It helps you monitor + improve your site’s ranking in Google Search results — hence the name “Search Console.” How to set up your Search Console account Like many of their products, […]

Know your numbers: bounce rate

This post is all about seeing your bounce rate on your Google Analytics dashboard. If you don’t have GA installed already, get your free account set up + running. Then after 24 hours, you’ll have some data to look at to learn what device type folks are viewing your site on. WTF is bounce rate […]

Styling WordPress blog posts with Gutenberg

We’ve heard the lessons, lectures + tips that you need great content to build an audience online. And trust me, I completely agree with that. But today I want to visit something that compliments your amazing content… styling WordPress blog posts (or pages) to make them beautiful, easy to read + great for SEO. Styling […]

Setting website goals

Whether you’re into resolutions or not, the end of a year (and a decade) is a time for reflection. It’s a great opportunity to review what your site has done for your business. As well as what is possible in the new year. And with that information, you can set website goals if you’d like. […]

The learn to love WordPress pre-sale!

For one week only, snag access to learn to love WordPress for 25% less than regular price when the resource is available in February, 2020. Learn to love your WordPress website, instead of cursing at it. You put so much time, money + love into your business, yet dread doing anything with your website because […]

WordPress site health score

Do you ever use the “Tools” section in the backend of your WordPress site? Most bloggers + business owners don’t and that has a lot to do with the fact that not much lived there. Until WordPress introduced Site Health. What is Site Health This new feature of WordPress 5.2 + above gives you the […]

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