3 blogging tricks you want to know

Not everyone uses WordPress as a blogging platform. But if you’re creating content on a WP site, these blogging tricks will up your efficiency + get you in front of a few more readers for each post you publish. #1 – Schedule your blog posts It can be tough to get ahead when creating content. […]

WordPress shortcuts that you want to know

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of automation + time-saving techniques. (This post, this post + this post are evidence.) Which is why I also love using keyboard + WordPress shortcuts as much as humanly possible. Time is money, so saving time makes me a happy camper. Before I get too geeky about the topic, let’s start with a […]

Configure + secure WordPress after installation

Are you ready to make your site faster + less enticing for hackers? The great news is that it’s pretty easy to secure WordPress after installing it. While these steps are not required to use WordPress, they will help you avoid some shitty situations or needing us to unhack your site. This post is the […]

Installing WordPress on your hosting account

In order to install WordPress on your shared hosting account, you’ll need to have your domain name connected to your account + a new database created. After that, you’re a few minutes away from a brand new WordPress website! This post is the third part of a series in setting up your own WordPress website, […]

Prep your hosting account for WordPress

To set up your own WordPress website, you only need 2 things — a domain + a hosting account. Once you have those things, you’ll need to prep your hosting account for a secure version of WordPress. Then it’s time to get your online business up + running. This post is the second part of a series […]

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