How to Improve Your Mobile Site

Roughly half of the visitors to the average small business website use a smartphone or mobile device. For some industries, this can be even higher. While you might not hire a web developer while browsing your phone, looking at a new fitness facility or clicking through FB ads are more often done on phones over […]

2024 Ins and Outs

Well folks, we’re a month into 2024 + I’m personally enjoying the longer days + this incredibly mild weather (hello outdoor running + goodbye treadmill…at least for now). I’m upping my carbs as I up my running miles +, as always, fully enjoying it. My second favorite candy season is upon us (conversation hearts, anyone?) […]

Check Your Links

A couple weeks ago, I launched a site facelift for a client. After I coded the site, another member of the team imported blog posts + added team member bios. One of those blog posts had a broken link that wasn’t discovered until launch day. It had been broken on their old design for at […]

A Business That Empowers

If tiny blue orange was a human, it could drive. That’s right, 16 years of owning this business + 12 years of being my own boss while building the career + life I’ve wanted since I was young. Working for myself in a creative field was always the plan. I grew up watching my dad […]

Running + Websites

I recently ran a half marathon. I actually ran several over the course of this year + none have been exactly the race I expected. This most recent race had some sharp turns, lots of inclines + a delayed start thanks to a train. Despite all these hurdles, I still PR’d by over two minutes, […]

Add search to your WordPress website

Have you ever stumbled upon a new business or site that seems like it might change your life? When I was training for a marathon last year, I found Jane on Instagram + quickly worked my way through the mountain of blog posts she had available to endurance runners like me. Some of our site […]

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