Social Media vs Reality

Earlier this week I hopped on the social media trend of sharing some parts of my reality that I struggle with because, as we all know, social media is a highlight reel + can often leave us feeling like we’re not keeping up. 

On that note, if you’ve been around here for any amount of time you know I’m not about hustle culture + I often feel the grind is glorified on social media. I’m not here for it, so here are some things I struggle with often.

Imposter Syndrome

Yep, it’s true. Even though I have over ten years of owning my own business under my belt + have countless happy clients, I still doubt my own abilities + wonder how I got here (hint: hard work + being damn good at what I do, but I still need that reminder from time to time).

Discussing Money

I struggle to talk about money. This is so programmed into us, often from a young age, that we think talking about money is inappropriate. But, especially for women, transparency around salaries + money can lead to higher earnings + to me, it’s worth it to feel a little uncomfortable if it means another woman is earning what she’s worth.


I miss my heart-dog, Brutus, every day. Brutus was truly special, + the gap he left in my life won’t ever truly be filled. I have his paw print tattooed on me + he is woven into everything I do (see if you can find him on

Building Community

Two years ago I uprooted my life + moved from Wisconsin to Minnesota. I needed a change + while it’s been hard + sometimes grueling to build a new community here, I’m so glad I moved. The parts of my life that are possible, from my house complete with a yoga room + a home gym, to growing my business + being head coach at a gym I love, are possible because I took a huge leap of faith.

Emails + Notifications

My inbox sometimes overwhelms me to the point that I avoid it. I think this one is especially important because there’s a belief out there that we should be working 24/7, never turn off our phone notifications + answer emails over the weekend. I say nope to that, even if it means my inbox is overflowing on Monday morning. I know I can work through it more easily if I’ve given myself a break. I also never load my work email on my cell phone.

I’ve actually loved this trend on social media because it humanizes people I sometimes only see through the lens of instagram + Facebook, just their edited pictures on display. After all, we’re all humans + we all struggle sometimes.

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