Worlds Colliding

Do you ever get that feeling of your worlds colliding? It can be a soft bump up against each other or an explosion + subsequent fusion. My Gemini self is used to duality + I often notice synchronicities pop up in my daily life, but lately I’ve felt this bigger (more cosmic, if you will) feeling of two of my worlds coming together. And let me tell you, it’s really beautiful.

To explain a bit more – two of my worlds, which I’ve always held fairly separately, are my work in the fitness industry + my work at tiny blue orange. Both are important parts of my life but they never really crossed over, until now.

One aspect of my work in the fitness industry that holds a lot of importance to me is my trauma-informed training. That training came as part of my yoga teacher training + I’ve used yoga at different times in my life as a tool to get me away from the computer screen (where I spend the majority of my tbo hours) + back into my body. This trauma-informed training has spilled over into my coaching + allowed me to view the humans I train through a different, more holistic lens. 

If you can’t tell, I totally geek out about this stuff.

Enter a few new tbo clients + here’s where my worlds started to bump against each other. After a few comments from these clients about privacy, + also simply the nature of the work they do with populations who have experienced trauma, I started to get this feeling like my fitness world + my tbo world were coming together in a really cool way.

So what am I learning as I navigate this collision/fusion? I’m looking at my business with a “new school year” excitement – getting to integrate my passion for seeing people as full humans, each with their own story, with my passion for building and hosting websites that work for those humans + help them reach their dreams. All this reflecting as led me to this question:

Is trauma informed web development a thing?

I’m starting to think yes. I want to bring what I’ve learned over years of coaching + hours of training to my website and business clients. I’ve never been one to just build a website + hope for the best, I always want to hear about my clients’ struggles, successes, ideas + passion + I use that in their sites + in my suggestions for them. And while I have you, I’m not talking about blurring boundaries, but more these worlds seeping into each other + informing each other in the best possible way. Here’s an example of what I mean, before I sign off + keep dreaming even bigger dreams for tbo + all my clients: abrasive interactions with websites, or an online course that is not set up in a way that encourages people to move through it gracefully, can stir up trauma, intrusive thoughts of not being enough + more. All this dreaming has me seeing my tbo work with a fresh perspective. What if we could design websites with whole people in mind? What if your website could be so much more than a landing page, but instead, an inspiration?

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