My favorite iPhone apps for business

With an app store loaded full of games + dating-style apps, finding a new app for the job can be a time suck. Candy crush or Dots anyone? It doesn’t have to be though! I’ve got a list of my favorite 7 iPhone apps for business with direct links to the app store. These apps […]

How I use Airtable to manage clients

I started using Airtable to manage my clients + moved on to also managing projects, social media + blog content once I realized how valuable this free tool was. If you haven’t heard of Airtable yet, let me be the one to razzle dazzle you! I like to describe it as a more visually appealing […]

Things could be better

If it wasn’t obvious, I’m a sucker for technology. I’ve been coding websites for a decade + have been learning with the changes that come my way in terms of displays (retina resolution + screen sizes), touch commands on mobile devices vs mouse clicks on computers, new platforms + the cloud! It’s so easy to […]

Ask your clients this question

I recently started shopping for a new car. I did research, browsed car lots on Sunday (introvert status) and made lists of questions that I had. When I felt ready, I went to the dealership to talk to a salesperson. “What’s important to you?” That was the very first question Phil asked me after introducing […]

Our process for custom coded WordPress sites

Project prep Before I type a single line of code, I start every project by reviewing the designs + site content. This ensures that I know what features I need to plan for while also giving me time to send questions over to the designer where needed. For example, I had a project sent over […]

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