Social Media vs Reality

Earlier this week I hopped on the social media trend of sharing some parts of my reality that I struggle with because, as we all know, social media is a highlight reel + can often leave us feeling like we’re not keeping up.  On that note, if you’ve been around here for any amount of […]

Worlds Colliding

Do you ever get that feeling of your worlds colliding? It can be a soft bump up against each other or an explosion + subsequent fusion. My Gemini self is used to duality + I often notice synchronicities pop up in my daily life, but lately I’ve felt this bigger (more cosmic, if you will) […]

2024 Ins and Outs

Well folks, we’re a month into 2024 + I’m personally enjoying the longer days + this incredibly mild weather (hello outdoor running + goodbye treadmill…at least for now). I’m upping my carbs as I up my running miles +, as always, fully enjoying it. My second favorite candy season is upon us (conversation hearts, anyone?) […]

A Business That Empowers

If tiny blue orange was a human, it could drive. That’s right, 16 years of owning this business + 12 years of being my own boss while building the career + life I’ve wanted since I was young. Working for myself in a creative field was always the plan. I grew up watching my dad […]

Running + Websites

I recently ran a half marathon. I actually ran several over the course of this year + none have been exactly the race I expected. This most recent race had some sharp turns, lots of inclines + a delayed start thanks to a train. Despite all these hurdles, I still PR’d by over two minutes, […]

My favorite iPhone apps for business

With an app store loaded full of games + dating-style apps, finding a new app for the job can be a time suck. Candy crush or Dots anyone? It doesn’t have to be though! I’ve got a list of my favorite 7 iPhone apps for business with direct links to the app store. These apps […]

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