My favorite iPhone apps for business

With an app store loaded full of games + dating-style apps, finding a new app for the job can be a time suck. Candy crush or Dots anyone? It doesn’t have to be though! I’ve got a list of my favorite 7 iPhone apps for business with direct links to the app store.

These apps will help keep you on schedule, on track + on top of your business.

Click the name of the app to open up the app store in a new tab. Then you can download it + see how you dig the business tools I use + love.

My 7 favorite iPhone apps for business
  1. Airtable: I’ve become an Airtable addict — no shame here. From using the free software to manage my clients to mapping out my editorial calendar, I can’t stop. Nor will I stop! My only complaint about the free iPhone app is that not all of the views from the desktop version are available on mobile. Once that’s resolved, there will be no limit to how much I use this app.
  2. iPassword: This is one of my favorite iPhone apps for business, but also for life. I have every single password stored in my 1Password vault. Because of that, I only have to remember 1 complex password to get access to everything I’d need. This app + the Chrome extension mean I don’t have to copy + paste those sensitive details either.
  3. Dropbox: If you use Dropbox for business, you’ll want to grab the free app for your smartphone. There have been countless times that I’ve been out running errands + needed to share a file with someone, or grab project details from a PDF. This app makes that possible + easy.
  4. Instagram: Ok ok, so this iPhone app can be for fun too. But, I do love using instagram for business too. I use it to connect with folks in my industry, provide sneak peeks of what I’m working on, as well as sharing photos of the office mascots with fans.
  5. Google Voice: This was one of the first things that I set up when starting my business. It allows me to get calls + texts to my business number, not my personal cell number. Hello, boundaries! On top of that, it saves any voicemails by sending them as emails to my inbox.
  6. Scannable: If you think you need a scanner for your business or office, you can save that money for something fun instead. This free app does an incredible job of editing a photo of sheets of paper into crisp PDF documents that you can text or email from the app. While I have the Evernote Scanner that connects with this app, I use this iPhone app for my business way more than I use the actual scanner.
  7. Deliveries: This app is one of the best $5 apps I have purchased in the history of my iPhone. You can quickly add in Amazon orders, UPS tracking numbers, etc + see exactly where your orders are in the world. The app displays when the package will be delivered as a number of days countdown.
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