Running + Websites

I recently ran a half marathon. I actually ran several over the course of this year + none have been exactly the race I expected. This most recent race had some sharp turns, lots of inclines + a delayed start thanks to a train. Despite all these hurdles, I still PR’d by over two minutes, + a sub-two hour race is definitely within reach. I’m taking some time off from running races over the winter, but this experience had me thinking not only about running, but also about websites.

What running + websites have in common

Really? What do running and websites have in common? Well, plenty, actually. First, I didn’t train in a vacuum. In fact I had a great support system + I absolutely could not have done it without my partner, Jared, my running coach Jane Springston + my nutrition coach McKay Cordts.

The same goes for websites: trying to go it alone will probably leave you frustrated + maybe even spinning in circles…like that slow loading site you dread trying to speed up. It takes a team to make a great website, unless you’re an absolute WordPress wiz (ahem, if you’re not, I happen to know one).

During my training, Jared would meet me at strategic points to hand me water, carbs + encouragement. I can offer the same for your website, meeting you at strategic milestones + offering no-hack guarantees, tips to optimize your site + reminders to, say, change your passwords. My running coach sent me weekly training runs so I didn’t even have to think, I could just GO. Let me offer you the same, I’ll take care of your website so you can GO run that business of yours.

Back to the unexpected… I ran into hills + sharp turns, you may run into hackers, formatting errors + columns that don’t stack on mobile. That’s why a team approach works so well for training + websites! With tiny blue orange on your team, you may even find yourself with time to actually relax! It’s possible, I promise! 

Being a small business owner doesn’t have to mean you’re doing it all on your own, I’m here to help.

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