A Business That Empowers

If tiny blue orange was a human, it could drive. That’s right, 16 years of owning this business + 12 years of being my own boss while building the career + life I’ve wanted since I was young. Working for myself in a creative field was always the plan. I grew up watching my dad as a self-employed architect + absolutely loving what he did. The way he approached his career appealed to little Alison + I made it my goal to follow in his footsteps, in some ways at least.

Here’s what you should probably know about me: I’m a gemini + I embrace my duality + complexity + see it as a theme resonating throughout my life. Blue + orange are complementary colors + I see my creative side complimenting the coding side of my work. More dualities: my mom was an accountant + my dad was a free-spirited architect. I’m creative + logical + it’s what makes me really good at what I do.

I really believe that this job found me. Afterall, websites weren’t a thing when I was growing up. I’m a unique little millennial who happened to mature alongside the internet. We went through our awkward middle-school years together + came out the other side with lots to give back.

I Build Websites

When I’m hired to code a website, I’m careful to be clear that I build websites. I love working with creative designers by filling in any design gaps + coding the site. This means that designers don’t have to layout every single page.

My sites are easy to update + the backends are user-friendly on purpose. I’m all about empowering my clients to make their own changes. Of course, I’m here to help, but I love watching business-owners grow their sites while they grow their businesses.

There’s that duality again, I’ve empowered myself in my career as my own boss + I’m empowering the amazing business owners I work alongside. I’ll never hold entrepreneurs captive by hard-coding sites so that a developer is the only one who can make any changes. 

I’m here for you + your business.

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