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We provide on-going, behind-the-scenes nerd support in monthly + one-time retainers. Because your site should be making you money + making you happy, instead of making you pull your hair out.

We’ve been building WordPress websites since 2007. And it didn’t take us long to figure out that lots of business owners have small tasks + tweaks that are sucking up their time when nerds like us could do the same thing — only much faster.

You’ve done an amazing job getting your business to this point, celebrate that shit!

But in order to increase your success, you’ll need more hours in the day. And unfortunately since we haven’t seen the day pause button invented, the only way to do that is to stop wasting time on things like updating plugins, setting up your new opt-in funnel + creating your video course pages.

Not that these things are a waste of time — cause they aren’t. But they are a waste of your time. Because you are better off spending your time creating content + helping your peeps.

How support by the slice works

  1. We get a signed agreement + first payment in place
  2. You send tasks + we schedule them to be completed
  3. We repeat step two each month or until the one-time retainer is used up

See how easy it is when you have a nerd on your side?

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We currently take on 25 total hours of support by the slice retainers each month, which means your tasks are tended to quickly. Even though we have a waitlist for new custom projects, you won’t have to wait more than a few days to get your techy to dos tackled.

More than just a block of hours

Unlike other retainers, we make it easy to get most out of your nerds so your business can grow.

We’re fast. Seriously. the number one compliment we hear from clients is how quickly the work was done + how fast the turnaround time is. But don’t think fast = sloppy. We take pride in our work + we take pride in helping our clients succeed.

We’re nerds. We don’t say this to be obvious, we say it because all of our clients have access to a site that shows exactly how much time we’ve spent of their retainer. You don’t have to track, guess or ask how much time is left on your retainer, because you’ll know the answer.

We’re experts. This WordPress thing is not new to us. In fact, tiny blue orange has been working on WordPress sites since 2007! And with those years of experience, comes oodles of knowledge. So if you have extra hours on your retainer to use, ask us for suggestions. We love helping strategize ways to improve your site + online business!

Support by the slice packages

segment package

$330 every month
up to 3 hours per month
{minimum 3 month agreement}

wedge package

$575 one-time retainer
up to 5 hours, good for 90 days
{you can purchase multiple one-time retainers}

Want to start talking about your support by the slice options?

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Retainer faqs

What type of tasks can tiny blue orange do?

  • site updates {themes, plugins + WordPress}
  • all things opt-ins {setting up, improving + styling}
  • responsive fixes to your site
  • posting blog content
  • sidebar, header, menu + footer changes
  • installing WordPress plugins or themes
  • Google Analytics set-up or report creation
  • course set-up + testing
  • site problem troubleshooting + fixing
  • adding PayPal buttons + Stripe checkout
  • site speed testing + improvements
  • content addition or changes for your site pages
  • security work
  • intake form creation + styling
  • page template creation
  • feature additions {toggles, quizzes, forms, etc}

How long does it take to get a task completed
Almost all small tasks are completed within 5 business days. Larger tasks, like setting up a new course system, will be completed within 2-3 weeks.

What happens if i go over my retainer hours?
First things first, we let you know when there is 1 hour left on your one-time retainer, or if your monthly retainer is almost up with more than 2 weeks left in the cycle — so you won’t be surprised by additional hours.

Second, we will never go over your retainer hours without your email approval to do so. Some monthly retainer clients choose to bump a task to the next month, while others approve the overage.

Any hours above the 3 hour monthly maximum will be added to your next month’s invoice.

What happens to my unused time?
Unused time does not rollover to the next month or retainer. But if you don’t have tasks for us, we can discuss our ideas for improving your site to make sure no hours go unused.

I have an urgent request, can it be taken care of immediately?
If our schedule allows it, we will handle urgent requests as soon as you send them over.

Keep in mind that urgent requests are billed at double our hourly rate. So if an urgent task takes us 15 minutes to complete, your retainer will be reduced by 30 minutes.

How do I submit tasks to be completed?
You can send in tasks via email, text or phone call. We also have clients that set us up in their project management system (basecamp, trello, asana, etc) + add tasks in there. Whatever is easiest for you, works for us.

What’s the difference between the segment + the wedge package?
All of our clients fit into one of two buckets — those that need us as a part of their team + those that need us once in a while to help out with the really nerdy stuff.

Because of that, we created two retainer types — one recurring retainer that is paid at the start of every month + one retainer that is good for 90 days, but doesn’t recur after that.

Ready to ditch your tech to dos + get a nerd on your side?

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